OnePlus Two: Details Accidentally Leaked by a Retailer, Rumors Suggest a Mini Variant in the Pipelines!

OnePlus One was a hit last year and was known as the flagship killer. The company came out of nowhere with flagship specifications and cutting-edge hardware that rivaled even the most powerful devices from renowned worldwide companies. OnePlus One was a serious member of smartphone competition at the present and it was considered to be the best value smartphone since Google and LG teamed up for the Nexus 5.

The device faced a high demand and the company was therefore, forced to make use of an invite system. The device faced limited access and it seemed like the company relied on increased word of mouth regarding its awesome value. Right now, OnePlus Two is about to release and from the looks of it, it will be one of the best bargain smartphones of 2015.

For those who aren’t aware of the OnePlus Two, it is the successor of the OnePlus One released by this company last year. The predecessor was a budget smartphone with flagship internals and you can expect the same for the upcoming OnePlus Two. The company has decided to hold a virtual reality launch event on 27th July 2AM GMT.

There are certain new things that you can expect in this upcoming smartphone like USB-Type C, a fingerprint sensor, a faster CPU, a better camera along with 4GB of RAM. It also comes with a fingerprint sensor and a full-metal chassis along with additional tweaks. Further reports indicate that OnePlus Two Mini will be released this year but it will be a mid-range device. The launch date will not coincide with OnePlus Two in late July.

The device will be launched this year but we don’t really know about the exact release date. The latest rumors suggest that it will be released during the weeks leading up to IFA 2015. As a result, the OnePlus Two will have a celebrated spotlight of its own and the OnePlus Two Mini will be launched later before upcoming flagship devices like LG G Pro 3, Moto X 3rd Generation and Galaxy Note 5 overshadow the OnePlus Two.

Some reports indicate that OnePlus Two will not be a small device including flagship specifications. Instead, it will feature a mid-range device through which the company will target growing markets in world economy. Rumors suggest that OnePlus Two Mini will be a 5-inch device with specs that resemble those that were present in the OnePlus One.

As a result, the people who couldn’t get the ‘OnePlus One’ earlier can be a little patient and grab what seems like, will be a more updated and revamped OnePlus One. The OnePlus Two Mini will have a sub-300 USD price or even lower. The company has probably decided to develop smartphones for different price points with high-end and mid-range offerings.

This is similar to what Motorola has done with its X, G and E line-up. This device will come after the OnePlus Two and people should expect some of the 2015 flagship features in this device. However, don’t expect to get devices like the biometric finger scanner or a QHD display. However, be sure that this device will run on the latest Oxygen OS. In the meantime, we are not sure if USB Type-C will be introduced in the Mini since flagship features take some time to trickle down to mid-range devices.

Meanwhile, almost all the features and specifications of OnePlus Two have been released by the company and its launch date is getting closer day by day. According to the latest reports, this smartphone will feature 5.7inch QHD display with 2560×1440 pixels and a massive pixel density of 571ppi. The device will run on the Android 5.1-based Oxygen OS.