Half-Life 3: Myth or Reality, Speculations, Hints and Expectations Regarding the Title!

The third installment of Half-Life is one of the most anticipated games that the fans are eagerly waiting for! Will the game be announced in Gamescom this year? The title Half-Life 3 has already attained a legendary status, so much so that it is always present on “list of what fans want to see”.

One thing that is bound to excite fans is that when one types ‘valve.software’ on the browser instead of going to the official Valve page, something interesting happens. There is a poster of Half-Life 3 which is otherwise not present on the official page. All thanks to some resourceful fans and gamers who have found this bug. Don’t believe me? You can try it out yourself.

Although there is an absence of an official announcement or statement from Valve confirming or denying it, many speculate that there is a third installment in the making, which is possibly set to release next year.

However, last week Valve came out denying the fact that a hint was cited on the official site. To back it up, the company said that it was the work of some intelligent and tech-savvy enthusiast of the Half-Life franchise.

Presently it is hard to say whether Half-Life 3 is a reality or just a myth. The fans are being pushier about the release of the game so much so that releasing Half-Life 3 is hardly a decision of the company now. Half-Life Fanatics are going to great lengths to make sure that the company works on the game. Some have even raised funds just to come up with ways as to how they can get the attention of the company and its associates.

Half-Life 3 has become an urban legend in the modern day’s gaming world. We know that Valve possess the ability to develop the game without its partner Turtlerock Studios. But without any confirmation from the company it shall remain a wishful thinking of many gamers and enthusiasts.

Despite the silence from Valve about Half-Life 3, it is not wrong to think that that the company is working on something even bigger for the game. Valve programmer, Jeep Barnett, said that they will take existing art and check out how it fits, as they grab some head crabs, quoted Master Herald. So it is not wrong to say that the company is working on a VR version of Half-Life 3.

Amongst all the reports as to whether the game will release, there is a baseline to the expectations of the fans.

  • A Half-Life-Portal Crossover: Valve is the creator of both Portal and Half-Life. It is not outrageous to assume that there exists a link between the two games. Besides, there are several references to Portal technologies in Episode 2 of Half-Life. Besides, Half-Life episode 2 ends in the same facility where the Portal games take place, the Borealis, a ship from the Aperture Science Institute.
  • Gordon Freeman: The return of the mute scientist hero is a must as a Half-Life game without Gordon Freeman is unthinkable. Unlike other games, the protagonist is not a marine or related to any other military organization. He is a guy who wears thick glasses and lacks any macho qualities. He has a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics. Gamers can relate more to a guy without brawn than with an everyman-Hunk-soldier-spy.
  • Killing the Suspense: Those who are new to this might think why are the fans so anxious about the third installment of Half-Life? The fact that the previous installment ended in a cliffhanger, and to make it worse, nearly a decade’s wait, was somewhat of a hard pill to swallow.