Tesla Model S: Additional Features Revealed, Price Dropped for Six Months, Welcome to the New Age of Electric Vehicles, And More

Tesla Motors has incorporated a few ingenious features to their entry-level Model S. The vehicle, codenamed P85 D, features a ‘Ludicrous Mode’ along with an upgraded fuse design on the battery, which is designed to offer more power while saving energy.

The company claims that the vehicle can now accelerate from 0 – 60 MPH within 2.8 seconds, which puts the vehicle in a league with the hyper cars, such as, the LaFerrari and the McLaren P1.

The new fuse design has a dedicated lithium-ion battery and electronics, which is responsible for the immense performance gains. Instead of melting down at a preset temperature, like the standard fuse, this one is proactive at all times, monitoring the temperature and cutting the power when necessary.

This upgrade has been coupled with an upgrade to the primary battery pack contractor, which uses Inconel (a superalloy, which is corrosion and oxidation resistant) in place of steel. Since Inconel can withstand heavier current load, the battery’s maximum amperage is increased from 1,200 to 1,500 A.

Tesla claims that the Model S is 10% quicker off the line while the top speed run time has been cut down by 20%. If you’re worried that this might have a negative impact on mileage, Tesla claims that with the new battery pack, the Model S can run up to 300 miles at a stretch.

The best part about the deal is that the existing Model S owners can upgrade their battery pack for $3,000, although, Elon Musk has asked the car owners to hold off the upgrade unless their stock batteries are at the end of their lifespan.

Elon Musk was clearly dissatisfied with the older generation Model S, which seemed to be lacking behind in terms of raw power and performance. However, the new Tesla Model S is the best bet to fulfilling the cavity!

If you can shell out an additional $13,000, you can drive home the 762 BHP Model S, which is capable of disintegrating all competition within the price bracket! Musk further revealed that the Model S’ front motor now develops close to 259 BHP, which aids the vehicle in achieving a greater top speed while reducing the time required to get there.

If you think this is interesting, wait till you hear what Musk has to say about the Model X. Tesla plans on using the same drivetrain to power the Model X, which is in an interesting proposition considering the boost in performance that it’s expected to drive.

The most outrageous fact about the Tesla Model S is that the vehicle received a huge jolt in power displacement just with the fuse upgrade, which goes on to prove that the engine blocks were capable of displacing much higher power from day one. The only thing stopping the car from performing to its maximum potential was the fuse, which could not handle the excessive current flow.

The best part about the entire deal is that Tesla is offering the additional battery pack for $5,000 only for the next six month, post which, the prices are expected to reach the $10,000 mark.

Musk revealed that none of Tesla’s old clients had complained about the acceleration or top speed, but the company wanted to achieve a new feat and encourage new buyers to try out their products, by successfully executing this major upgrade.

Tesla is currently selling two variants of their Model S. The base model retails at $70,000 while the S70D is available at $75,000. Details regarding performance figures are yet to be announced, although, Musk is fairly certain about the vehicle travelling 300 miles without the need to stop if you’re travelling around 65 MPH.