Tesla Model S: Additional Features Revealed, Price Dropped for Six Months, Welcome to the New Age of Electric Vehicles, And More

Battery-powered cars never caught our fancy till the Toyota Prius came up with increased travelling range. However, even then, the vehicle was boring to drive and is a major reason behind a majority of the population staying away from the vehicle.

However, Tesla planned to change all that with their range of vehicles, and the company was fairly successful in that endeavor too!

However, with their latest range of products, they plan on breaking all barriers and reaching out to a bigger part of the market. Elon Musk claims that the engineers at Tesla plan on developing greater battery backup and the company aims to achieve 5% greater power every year.

Even though the engineers have come up with the new battery pack, research is underway to develop a battery even bigger, all while saving space and cutting down on the overall weight!

Tesla has a long way to go with the Model S, but, they seem to have started off on the right track. Stay tuned for additional news, reports and updates from the world of automobiles, as we return with the latest inputs.

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