Ariana Grande: Caught on Cam Licking Donuts, Apologises, Singer thrashed by 1D Fans, And More

Ariana Grande was caught in a nasty situation when a store camera caught her licking the donuts on display at the Wolfee Donuts. The hit-maker had visited the store on the 4th of July and while she was waiting in the line with Ricky Alvarez, whom she is currently dating, Ariana Grande started licking the donuts on the display in the counter.

The act might have been hilarious for her boyfriend, but it wasn’t for the nation that was watching, more so because she was supposedly saying how much she hates America and the Americans.

The security camera at Wolfee Donuts caught Ariana Grande in this embarrassing act and this was not just it, the video was even release in the internet. Ariana Grande couldn’t for once deny that she had done or said whatever was on the video because she was caught red handed.

The video created such an uproar during the 4th of July holiday that it is termed as the Donutgate episode of 2015 in line of the notorious Watergate episode of the 1970s that rocked the Nixon administration.

To make matters worse, the cashier who was there on duty, Myra Solis, said that Ariana Grande never paid for the donuts that she had licked and when charged for her action the Love Me Harder singer was extremely rude to the employees of the donut shop.

Ariana Grande’s antics have costed Wolfee Donut. When the video showing the singer licking the donuts on the counter went viral in the social media, it was brought to the notice of the Health Department, which immediately penalized the shop for the action and failed it in the health check.

Master Herald has reported that while the owner of Wolfee Donut, Joe Marin, had initially declined to comment on whether the store will press charges against Ariana Grande, it seems like they will be pressing charges against the singer because the donuts she had licked were supposedly sold to other customers and it is liable to health issues.

With the assistance of the Department of Environmental Health, Joe Marin has spoken to lawyers and the singer will soon face a charge of cross contamination. Daily Mail has since then informed that Wolfee Donut has been restored to their original A Rating by the Health Department, which was brought down to B following Ariana Grande’s antics.

Fans are hopeful that the Bang Bang singer will not be charged for the donut licking incident since the donut shop was equally at fault. They had placed the edible items within reach of the customers, without any covering, which caused it to be accessible to them.

Ariana Grande’s donut eating incident was side-tracked by the negative comments she made about America and the citizens of the country. She realized that what she had said wasn’t right and had since then tried to amend the situation.

On her Honeymoon Tour at Tampa Bay, Florida, on the 16th if July, Ariana Grande made a pro-USA announcement. She informed her fans that she is sorry for her disgraceful donut eating episode and also for her anti-USA comments.

Ariana Grande’s Honeymoon Tours are sold out and she knows that if she apologizes to her fans and tells them that she is sorry what she has done and for hurting their sentiments, they will forgive her. She has been telling how privileged she is to be performing in the US, which is the greatest country in the whole world and she loves the country and is proud to be an American.

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