Half-Life 3: Myth or Reality, Speculations, Hints and Expectations Regarding the Title!

  • Worth the Wait: Valve is capable of delivering great games, but the gamers have been let down before. Not necessarily by Valve, but there are certain uncertainties when a game is not only delayed but also kept fans in dark!
  • Open World: Rumors from earlier this year reveal as to how an anonymous tipster confirmed that Half-Life 3, influenced by Skyrim, has included role-playing elements, NPCs, and quests. Shifting from FPS to RPG will add much more depth to the story. Knowing the backgrounds and motives of people we encounter and knowing whether rumors are true will give the game a whole new level of awesomeness in the open world.
  • Alyx Vance: Females in the game are not represented fairly. Speaking of female characters, Lara Croft was one of the first groundbreaking insignias. But it was largely an eye candy for the male gamers. Half-Life 2 introduced us to Alyx Vance, Daughter of Eli and a scientist friend to Gordon. She wasn’t objectified and wasn’t a part of some sexual conquests of the protagonist’s silent lust. She was a female human character; realistic, capable and intelligent.

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