Spider-Man: Tom Holland Talks About His Role, Sony Shown Spider-Man’s Scenes from Civil War!

At a young age of 19 years, Tom Holland has great ability and willingness to give his best for a task that he has set his mind on. He connects with the character that he is going to portray and there lies the secret to his art.

Captain America: Civil War is set to release on 6th May 2016 and it will be the first glimpse of the new Spider-Man. Tom Holland has been very tight lipped about his portrayal of Spider-Man. The standalone Spider-Man film is set to be released on 26th July and there are hardly any spoilers available on it.

Anthony Russo the director of Captain America: Civil War said that each character in the upcoming movie has been given a new look. A lot of research has gone into trying to experiment with the way the characters have been portrayed and the same has been done with the character of Spider-Man.

Spider-Man’s part in Captain America: Civil War is ready and before that Marvel has decided to show Sony the film that they have created to take their insight on any change that needs to be made in the film.

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