Rise of the Tomb Raider: Gameplay Revealed, Promises to Bring Out the Adventurer in You, Release Date Speculated, to Arrive Exclusively on the PC at Least for Now, And More!

Crystal Dynamics got their money’s worth when they decided to revamp the popular Tomb Raider series back in 2013. Some of the most potent upgrades that were introduced in the updated version include a bigger map, high-octane fueled action and additional combat styles.

Hence, in a way Rise of the Tomb Raider managed to attain a much greater feat than the original, its predecessor, ever could! Crystal Dynamics is determined to carry the Tomb Raider series forward in the upcoming years and they level of determination is concrete. This is good news for the fans of franchise, who have been waiting for quite a while for the next installment of the title.

Rumors claim that the number of distressing situations has increased manifold in the upcoming version and Lara needs to get out of harm’s way unscathed! Hence, it is up to the players to get her out of such demanding situations in one piece.

Get ready to experience a range of high adrenaline situations, complete with death-defying leaps, a lot of close calls and exciting escape scenarios in Rise of the Tomb Raider. The basic gameplay includes an open world scenario split in hubs, each of which contain resources for the character to craft, when on a mission along the tombs, caves and ruins in the vicinity.

Lara must gather information, break through obstacles and solve puzzles to get around the situations at hand. Hence, apart from giving you an adrenaline rush, it looks like Rise of the Tomb Raider will also test your mental mettle! Are you game?

If you’ve always wanted to test your survival instincts, Siberia’s snow-covered landscape is the closest you’ll ever get! The character needs to fend off against dangerous animals, brave through harsh climate and unforgiving terrain, as she goes ahead on a mission. Don’t forget to gather the collectibles once you head out of civilization. They tend to show up in the most unexpected of places.

If you’re excited by the sight and smell of ruins, Rise of the Tomb Raider is THE game for you! Exploring the tombs gives a greater adrenaline rush than moving through caves and most of these ruins are part of a mission, and as a result, has an explicit history! Don’t expect the puzzles to be amateurish. Even seasoned players need to test their observational skill and patience to crack one of these.

Combat is a more strategic part of the game and there are numerous additional manners in which you can tackle the enemies. Surprise attacks are fun, although, if you’ve had enough of stealth mission recently and want to go down guns blazing, you are at liberty to get that done as well. Apart from the traditional gun fighting method, the players can also go the bow and arrow way!

The open world scenario is a vast expanse and littered with collectibles. Hence, if you’re on a lookout for resources and end up finding a rare item, do not hesitate to add that to your collection. The designers have paid optimum attention to the details when it comes to the overall gameplay and the graphics and this is one of the most alluring features of Rise of the Tomb Raider!

However, the story is equally compelling on this one! In most of the recent games, the directors either manage to get the story right or the gameplay and miss out on details or vice versa. Crystal Dynamics has managed to strike a chord between all three and this is something to look out for, even for the skeptics and chauvinists!