Spider-Man: Tom Holland Talks About His Role, Sony Shown Spider-Man’s Scenes from Civil War!

Spider-Man is going to make his grand entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Captain America: Civil War. There was a lot of speculation about the kind of role that Spider-Man will be playing in the next film from the Marvel universe.

Marvel has recently released the poster for Captain America: Civil War and the poster art revealed that Spider-Man would have a very important role to play given that his web featured heavily in the poster.

However, Tom Holland who is set to play the role of Spider-Man in the upcoming film has dampened the excitement of the fans of the superhero.

He said that Spider-Man’s role in the film is not a prominent one at all. What was believed to be a cameo role isn’t one since Tom Holland has shot for the film for only two weeks.

While talking in an interview to io9.com Tom Holland revealed that he isn’t even aware of the story of Captain America: Civil War. He told the director that he doesn’t want to know what the story of the film is and neither does he want to know the details about his role.

He said that he tends to let out secrets in interviews and is scared that he might end up revealing something that isn’t meant to be let out prior to the release of the film.

Tom Holland said that he has received only his dialogues in the script and has shot for only a week or two for his part. He said that he wants to watch himself as Spider-Man on the screen as a member of the audience and not watch the film with a complete idea about what is happening in the end of the film.

Tom Holland has very candidly spoken about how he is preparing for his role. He said that he has had great actors like Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield ahead of him who have portrayed the role of Spider-Man on screen and while his character of Spider-Man will be very different from that of the two of them, he is going to steal a lot of ideas from them.

Tom Holland has already garnered a lot of speculation about his role as Spider-Man. He is set to be the youngest Spider-Man ever and this has been criticized by many fans of the superhero who felt that Tom Holland was too young to do justice to the role.

Unlike the other films on Spider-Man, Marvel is set to revamp the franchise by depicting Spider-Man not as a graduate who is working as a reporter, but as a high school student who is struggling with his life as a superhero and a nerd.

The previous Spider-Man roles have all shown that Spider-Man has ended his school career and have set out on his life as a grown up. It never dealt with the intricacies that he had to face as an awkward nerdy kid who suddenly becomes a superhero and has to find out how to tackle and use his powers to good use.

Tom Holland is already a seasoned actor at this young age. According to Variety he isn’t one to be affected by these negative reviews.

He said that the negative reviews surrounding his role have pushed him to work harder. He said that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but his intention for his role is to shut his critics up with his performance.

Ron Howard, the director of In the Heart of the Sea, who has worked with Tom Holland, has said that he has complete faith in the young actor.