Ariana Grande: Parties with Her Victorious Cast Mates, Rumored to Have Had a Plastic Surgery Mishap!

Ariana Grande got together with the rest of the cast members of Victorious and had a pajama party. The former stars from the Nickelodeon teen drama came out to celebrate the friendship that they shared since the series and there are numerous photos to show that they all had a great time.

The cast of Victorious reunited to have a Christmas party where they sipped on wine and went through the rerun of Victorious episodes. Victoria Justice posted some of the photos on Instagram.

Elizabeth Gillies, Daniella Monet, Leon Thomas, Avan Jogia and Matt Bennett were all present. The cast sat around drinking wine with cookies and reminisced about the good times they had shared when they were all working on Victorious together.

Victorious had run on Nickelodeon from 2010 to 2013 and it also had given way to a spin-off called Cat & Sam. Cat & Sam dealt with the life of Tori Vegas (Victoria Justice) as she enrolled at the Hollywood Arts High School. Tory goes on to meet some interesting people and make new friends.

Ariana Grande and her co-star from Victorious, Elizabeth Gillies are very good friends. Elizabeth Gillies spoke to People magazine and shared that she and Ariana Grande are like sisters. They are very close and unless they have a huge issue that results in them falling out with each other, there is never going to be anything that affects them.

Gillies went on to add that she feels like she has known Ariana Grande for all of her life, whereas it has only been seven years when they first came together for Victorious and became good friends.

The friends from the old television series decided to catch up and Ariana Grande couldn’t miss out on this opportunity. She uploaded photos of all of them huddled together in a couch dressed in their cute jammies. Ariana Grande had on her trademark pony-tail. She wore a leopard print jammie for the occasion.

Ariana Grande had recently cancelled the dates for her international performances for her world tour, Honeymoon tour. However, she never came out with any reason for the cancellation and fans took it upon themselves to infer that the singer wasn’t feeling well.

According to KDramastars, Ariana Grande didn’t cancel the tour schedule because she was sick. She had actually cancelled the tour schedule for Honeymoon Tour because she had undergone plastic surgery and things had gone wrong post that.

This news has created a major buzz in the media with fans asking the next obvious question- where did Ariana Grande get her plastic surgery? Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported that the singer was healthy since she was spotted walking her dog on 10th December and there were no visible signs of her being unwell.

Ariana Grande was spotted in Los Angeles as she was shopping. The 22-year-old singer had on a very cute onesie had a festive motif on it. She teamed the outfit with beige coloured fur lined ankle boots and had tied a grey sweatshirt around her waist. She had her new pet dog Strauss in her arms as she was browsing through the shop.

The latest news is that Ariana Grande had got a plastic surgery performed on her face and she is barely recognizable now. The skin around her eyes is so tightly pulled that it looks like she is squinting. Reports also suggest that Ariana Grande had filler in her lips and the skin around that area got pulled so badly that the singer isn’t able to close her mouth after the surgery.