Sister Wives Season 6: Robyn and Kody Expecting Second Child, Meri Has a New Friend, And More!

TLC’s new reality drama Sister Wives, following the polygamist Brown family is set to have an exciting Season 6. The Brown family follows patriarch Kody Brown and his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn.

The Brown family brought into the bedroom the practise of polygamy that is illegal by US law and showed to the world a side of life that very few believed existed in modern times. The Brown family are followers of the Mormon church of ApostolicUnited Brethren.

Kody has been facing a lot of legal orders because of his legal practise, but he upholds the fact that he isn’t breaking any law. According to the US law a man can legally marry only one woman and he is legally married to only one of his wives. He claims to be only spiritually married to the other three wives of his.

It was because of this issue of legality that his legal wife of 25 years, Meri Brown, had to divorce him. Meri’s decision to end her marriage was a shock to the fans and the Brown family. However, Meri had a justified cause for it.

Meri had spoken out saying that she wants to end her marriage with Kody so that Robyn can marry him legally. Robyn is fighting a nasty legal battle with her ex-husband for the custody of her two children and if she is married to Kody legally then she has a greater chance of winning the custody.

After Meri’s decision to end her marriage, Robyn had posted on social media that what Meri had done was selfless. She knew she had a good heart, but it is difficult to sacrifice something for the happiness of another and Meri had done exactly that.

Following the Meri’s decision to divorce Kody, there was a lot of speculation that Meri will not be back in Sister Wives Season 6. There are no official words yet, but if someone closely follows Meri’s social media posts then it becomes clear that she has moved on from the life in the Brown household.

Meri posted about following one’s dreams and of believing in signs. Fans believed that Meri wanted to complete her college education and pursue her dreams now that her daughter is going to college and she no longer has the routine duties of a parent.

In the recent times, Meri’s posts have highlighted some greater things. Things don’t seem to be good between Meri and Robyn. It looks like Sister Wives Season 6 will deal with the issues that these two are having.

Recently Robyn shared a post about selfishness and betrayal and Meri responded to it with a post on her page talking about how she will never let someone walk over her life. Kody Brown had mentioned in an interview with People Magazine that he and Robyn her expecting their second child in January next year.

This sudden announcement seems to have shaken up the Brown family. It is not just Meri who seems to have an issue with Robyn. Janelle too is not happy with the kind of importance that Robyn is sharing.

Janelle believes that the marriage, pregnancy and the legal battle will give Robyn a lot of importance in Sister Wives Season 6 and the others will lose out on things. Janelle believes that set-up of the family is changing and that will make things difficult for everyone.

5 thoughts on “Sister Wives Season 6: Robyn and Kody Expecting Second Child, Meri Has a New Friend, And More!”

  1. Meri deserves a husband of her own.kody is fugly! Why fight over him.ewww strange way to live.marriage is between 2 people.not 1 man&5 women.he wont stop, keep bringing others in.he cheats in public with thier blessings.wierd

  2. Run, Meri, run. Take your life back. When you leave, the fake family will fall apart and Robyn’s triumph won’t be sweet at all.

  3. I would hope Meri moves on. It is obvious that the plural wives made her miserable and I can’t say that Janelle looks any happier. Robyn will learn that just because she is legally married does not mean she will get sole custody of the 2 kids either. I just cannot imagine that women in plural marriages are happy.

  4. I have said from the beginning Robyn will be and is the straw that breaks the Browns,
    Way of living. She has caused problems in the family unit. I personally don’ t think Kodys lifestyle will last much longer. You go Mari and find a life for yourself, you deserve better. I feel bad for the other two wifes. Robyn and Kody deserve what ever happens to them… just my opion.

  5. It is very obvious to me that while Kody may be fond of Meri, Janelle and Christine, he seems to be head over heels in love with Robyn. That has been obvious to me since the inception of the show and others have hinted at that. Additionally, it appears that Kody has never been in love with Janelle, and she is just a wonderful human being. Christine is a blast, and I think that she recognizes the “Robyn” factor. In conclusion, Meri, Janelle and Christine deserve better — they deserve a man who appreciates their true worth. He and Robyn can just stay together and enjoy the moment!!!

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