Scandal Season 5: Cast Starts Work on Next Season, Huck and Ballard Set To Return, Olivia to Help Out British Royals, And More!

Show-runner Shonda Rhimes has an exciting Scandal Season 5 lined up for the fans. The popular show returns for its fifth season this fall and it will see a British royal seeking out Olivia Pope’s (Kerry Washington) help.

While there has been no official news about the plot for the upcoming series, TV Line has reported that Olivia Pope and Associates will be sought by members of the British royal family this season.

The cast members of Scandal have met up for their first table read and the social media updates from them have kept the fans going. Kerry Washington shared a tweet stating that she is excited to be reunited with the family and can’t wait to find out what’s in store for the characters in Scandal Season 5.

There were a lot of speculations about Scandal Season 5, especially about whether Scott Foley’s character Jake Ballard is returning or not. This rumor seems to have been cleared for now since Foley shared news from the sets on Twitter. Since he is going to the team reading, he is surely going to be part of the next season.

There were speculations that Kerry Washington and Scott Foley had some issues and since Washington is close to creator Shonda Rhimes, Foley was allegedly given the boot. Jake Ballard was shot in the last season and he also gave Olivia the permission to move on with President Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), which some fans thought was because he wasn’t going to make it.

For now, it looks like Ballard is coming back, but with Rhimes calling the shots, we surely don’t know for how long. Another character who is going to be back for Scandal Season 5 is Huck (Guillermo Diaz). Diaz recently shared a photo of himself standing in front of a rack of clothes that are similar to what his character wears on the show.

Huck had in the previous season gone behind Olivia’s back to work for her father Rowan Pope (Joe Morton). With Huck returning, viewers will now have to wait and watch if he decides to confess to Olivia about betraying her or whether he continues working for the B613.

Last season saw Olivia Pope’s father Rowan Pope being sent to prison on the charges of embezzlement. Given the kind of importance Rowan Pope enjoys and the kind of power he has, he is not one to remain behind bars for such a petty issue. There are chances that he will be out in the initial episodes of Scandal Season 5 and is going to try and make things difficult for Olivia.

Olivia and Fitz finally seem to be settling down. Jake Ballard has allowed Olivia to go ahead with the man she loves and Fitz has also asked his wife, First Lady Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) to leave the White House after her alleged affair with the Vice President.

However, things can never work out so smoothly between these two and since Bellamy Young is going to be a part of Scandal Season 5 there are high chances that she will seek revenge and will work on getting back her rightful position of the First Lady, back.

Scandal Season 5 will see some characters who were removed from the main plot and it is a matter of time to see if they are indeed back in the story line or are they there as part of the flashback episodes only.