Elder Scrolls 6: Likely to Release in Late 2016, Developers Suggesting Massive Focus on the Game’s Quality, And More!

With the release of the Fallout 4 teaser trailer, Bethesda has shown us what they can achieve with next-generation platforms like Xbox One and PS4. Right now, Elder Scrolls fans are making their own wishlist regarding what should be included in the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6.

The two primary locations that Elder Scrolls fans would love to see are Elsweyr and Valenwood. The Summerset Isles will incredibly beautiful in Elder Scrolls Online and therefore, it deserves an honorary mention. At the same time, gamer would love to see this location brought to life by Bethesda rather than Zeni Max Online.

With the inclusion of these two locations, we would get to see the finest from both worlds and at the same time, enjoy some extra flavor and variety in dark and depressing Skyrim region. When it comes to combat, Elder Scrolls needs a serious overhaul. Any person who played Skyrim is bound to admit that it needs major improvement.

Fallout 3 had the same issue where you simply couldn’t play as a first-person-shooter. Right now, Elder Scrolls needs to focus on the combat system of the upcoming game and make it strong and intuitive. In terms of AI, we really wish to see a bit more intelligence in our companions.

In Skyrim, half the time we ended up preventing our companions from dropping dead. Thankfully, they were a great distraction during the dragon encounters. Compared to other RPG franchises, Elder Scrolls lacked the much-needed impact. Actions should result in consequences that bring about minor to major changes in the game’s story and surroundings.

Current rumors indicate that Bethesda will reveal Elder Scrolls 6 on June 2016 at the E3 event. The game developer did not make any announcement regarding its release date but speculations and rumors regarding it, are now circulating. Rumors suggest that Bethesda is choosing between Argonia and Redguard to be the register and trademark for the upcoming title in this celebrated franchise.

This conflicts with earlier reports that suggested the use of Redguard as the default active trademark for Elder Scrolls 6. However, we are not complaining about Argonia either as this term is a province in Tamriel which is considered to be the central location of the video game. Meanwhile, fans are complaining about the absence of announcements regarding a multiplayer option in the upcoming game.

Elder Scrolls was highly successful as a single player franchise so it is expected that they will excel in the multiplayer domain as well. Meanwhile, the developers are still quite silent but this probably an effective strategy for increasing the hype about this title.

Right now, reports indicate that the developers are planning for an upcoming 2016 release. Fans were expecting some news and announcements on Elder Scrolls 6 at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo but that wasn’t too effective.

Bethesda Vice President Peter Hines declared that he sympathizes with fans who were disgruntled with the absence of any reports but he further said that there is a good reason for the wait. According to him, the team at Bethesda is hard at work, developing the new title. The game is highly important and gamers are expecting a lot.

Hence, a little time is necessary to make sure this title gets the much-needed polish it deserves. According to Yibada, he further hinted that the game will release in late 2016. In spite of what fans said, the fans are highly expecting an E3 2016 release but there were no official sources that could corroborate this rumor.

Meanwhile, QuakeCon 2015 will be held in Friday and fans are expecting some official news on this subject. This is because Bethesda declared that they will talk about the feature of Elder Scrolls following Tamriel Unlimited.

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  1. Well, I think it may actully be later than 2016. More like 2018 or 2019, because Bethesda meant for ESO to actually be a game. Thats why they released the “big fix”, aka Tamriel Unlimited that made the game 10x better.

  2. I think release date will be 06 06 2016 or 16 06 2016 according the background of company.

  3. it wont be online. stop expecting online. hopefully thye never will make an elder scrolls.

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