Scandal Season 5: Cast Starts Work on Next Season, Huck and Ballard Set To Return, Olivia to Help Out British Royals, And More!

Apart from Bellamy Young who will be back as First Lady Mellie Grant, there are photos of the cast on the set that shows Jeff Perry who played the role of Chief-of-Staff Cyrus Beene returning. He had been removed from his duty by the President in Scandal Season 4 after it was found out that he was working with Rowan Pope.

Scandal Season 5 will also see Cornelius Smith Jr. becoming a show regular. He had previously been a part of Season 4 where he played the role of Marcus Walker and had been seen in two episodes. There are speculations suggesting that he will be joining Olivia’s team as gladiator.

Olivia is in need of gladiators since Harrison Wright (Columbus Short) died and Abby (Darby Stanchfield) has joined the White House as a press secretary. Scandal Season 5 will see Olivia Pope with very few people she can trust and now with Huck going behind her back and working for her father, she is desperately in need of people who will have her back.

Shonda Rhimes is well aware about the popularity that the show enjoys and she is going to make sure that the fans are shocked and surprised as they go through each episode of the season.

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