New Finishing Animations Introduced In Latest Free DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, And More Details

Developer CD Projekt recently announced that their latest free DLC for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will come with new finishing animations for our main protagonist, Geralt. According to their post on Twitter, this update will be available later this week and a teaser image was released, showing fans what they can expect with this latest feature.

Ever since the release of Witcher 3, several free DLCs and updates have been released, which includes new side quests and various new costumes. In Patch 1.07, the studio added a lot of tweaks and changes. They further introduced a lot of things that range from new movement options along with new ways to manage the inventory.

Presently, there are just two pieces of downloadable content left for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and reports indicate they’ll be arriving soon. Fans are quite excited about the final 2 updates and players are eager to discover the new features to be added to the game. CD Projekt Red did not release any DLCs for the last few weeks and reports indicate that they worked hard on releasing a major patch for the game.

It will introduce new movement modes along with access to player storages all throughout the game, besides the many fixes and changes. Right now, Patch 1.07 is live on all platforms and the developers are getting geared up to launch the latest DLCs. The last DLC will introduce a group of new finishers.

Finishers are action-combat related movements performed by a character when defeating or vanquishing an enemy during combat. In the case of Geralt, this could mean something akin to running an enemy through or beheading a monster with a certain gratifying flourish. These new finishers will definitely add a new flavor to the combat mechanics while showing off some great visceral animations.

Free DLCs are the only way through which you can expand in gameplay in Witcher 3. Right now, two massive expansions have been planned, called ‘Hearts of Stone’ and ‘Blood and Wine’. Hearts and Stone are slated to launch in October while ‘Blood and Wine’ will get an early 2016 release. Meanwhile, the free pack of finishers will be launched later this week while the aforementioned expansions promise an extra 20 hours of gameplay.

Before Witcher 3’s release in May, the developers announced a free DLC campaign. They kept introducing little but necessary add-ons in order to keep refreshing the Wild Hunt gameplay. Meanwhile, Marcin Mamot, the community manager for Projekt RED declared that the fans that weren’t able to access the download for the 1.07 update should not face any problems right now.

Earlier, gamers reported a lot of frame-rate related issues with the latest patch for Witcher 3. It included a major amount of tweaks and fixes for the game. According to a technical analysis conducted by Digital Foundry, the frame rate problems mainly affected PS4 and Xbox One players while exploring regions like Crookback Bog in the Northern Realm.

Although PC players remained unaffected by the new bug, they ran into certain problems of their own. For instance, the achievements stopped working like they should on GOG and Steam. Meanwhile, CD Projekt said that they are working on the problem related to many European fans still waiting to receive the patch.

According to Momot, “”We’re investigating all the reports you guys have been sending us. We’re talking to Sony about the patch availability in Europe too. Rest assured, we are hard at work to resolve all the reported issues. GOG guys are working on resolving their server issues. We are also investigating with Sony why some European countries can’t download the update yet.”