Sister Wives Season 6: Kody and Robyn Expecting Second Child, Meri Wants A Monogamous Relationship, And More

Kody Brown had revealed in an interview and his youngest wife, Robyn and he will be expecting their second child in January 2016. This will be the eighteenth child in the family.

Kody has one child with Meri, who was his legal wife until recently. He has six children with Janelle and Christine and has another child with Robyn apart from the three children from Robyn’s previous marriage.

These three children were the main reason for Meri Brown deciding to divorce Kody, her husband for 25 long years. Robyn and her ex-husband are entangled in a messy legal battle over the custody of the three children and Robyn had to be legally wedded to Kody to enjoy the privileges of getting her children back.

The Brown family is a polygamous family who belong to the Mormon Church of Apostolic United Brethren. Kody is a polygamist, but he is well within the legal parameters of United States because he is legally married to only one woman while he is spiritually married to the his other wives.

Sister Wives Season 5 had ended in a shocking note with Meri deciding to divorce Kody to make way for Robyn to marry him. This news, while shocking, did win Meri a lot of appreciation because it takes a lot to end one’s marriage to facilitate someone else’s marriage.

Robyn has been openly thanking Meri on the social media and she had been joined by a multitude of fans that had stood by Meri and appreciated her for her selfless gesture. Things were looking good, but by the looks of it, everything is not good in the Brown family.

Robyn recently took to her social media page to talk about an act of betrayal and within a few minutes, Meri posted on her Twitter account, a post where she said that she will not le t someone else walk all over her with their dirty feet.

When Kody announced on People Magazine that Robyn and he will be welcoming their second child, Janelle and Christine took to the social media to congratulate and wish the couple, but Meri was quiet and she has till date not broached the issue. This incident made the viewers sure that things were not good between the two.

By the looks of it, it is not just Meri who seems to be having an issue with Robyn. Janelle too is not very happy with the fact that Robyn seems to be enjoying all the limelight. Her marriage and legal drama and now her pregnancy, Janelle believes will make Robyn in the most important character in the series.

With Sister Wives Season 6 sixth months away, TLC is being very quiet about what fans can expect from the series. There is no official confirmation on whether Meri will return to the Brown household in the sixth season.

Meri had lately taken to the social media to share posts and comments on karma and fulfilling of dreams. It is believed that with her duty of a mother done, following her daughter’s departure to college, Meri will look to fulfilling her own dreams and aspirations. She might even go to college and get a degree.

There were a lot of gasps when Meri decided to divorce Kody, they were the perfect couple, who had lived together for the past 25 years, but now it is becoming more and more evident that things were not as rosy as they had appeared to be.

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  1. Plural marriage must be made legal, its the most loving and intimate of relationships. The Browns have found completeness and happiness, but the road to it has not been easy, especially for the children. Polygamy is grounded in biblical teachings and is endorsed. Men require constant comfort and attention which can not be accomplished by only one female. When duties are split up, everyone benefits. The children are being given a firm foundation for a successful life, if they commit to the plural life course in their own lives. Full brothers and sisters should try to avoid marriage, although in reality, love has no boundaries if its truly and honestly multiplied.

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