Sister Wives Season 6: Kody and Robyn Expecting Second Child, Meri Wants A Monogamous Relationship, And More

When Kody and the other wives wished Meri on the occasion of her 25th anniversary with Kody, Meri didn’t share or post anything in return. She simply avoided all the comments and posts on the occasion, making it very evident that she wants to move on and doesn’t want to be a part of that life anymore.

According to Enstarz Meri has been posting about finding a man who is loving and respectful. It is believed that she is dating and trying to find a life of her own outside the polygamous set up. She seems to want a monogamous relationship and is trying to break all contact with Kody.

With the Supreme Court giving a ruling in favor of same sex marriage, Kody Brown, who is the champion of polygamous marriage has been trying to raise awareness about the institution that is still tabooed.

He has been tweeting and sharing links as reported by CNN. Polygamy is illegal in the US, but with TLC starting the series, the Brown family has been able to bring to the front line an issue that people hardly know, but are still judgmental about. Sister Wives has been successful in lifting the veil and bringing people face to face with polygamy.

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  1. Plural marriage must be made legal, its the most loving and intimate of relationships. The Browns have found completeness and happiness, but the road to it has not been easy, especially for the children. Polygamy is grounded in biblical teachings and is endorsed. Men require constant comfort and attention which can not be accomplished by only one female. When duties are split up, everyone benefits. The children are being given a firm foundation for a successful life, if they commit to the plural life course in their own lives. Full brothers and sisters should try to avoid marriage, although in reality, love has no boundaries if its truly and honestly multiplied.

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