Sister Wives Season 6: Final Episode Reveals Secrets, Christine Talks About Jealousy, And More

The other hot topic that was mentioned in the Tell All episode of Sister Wives Season 6 was the catfish episode where Meri was involved. Meri had been having tough time after her divorce from Kody. She saw Kody spending all his time on her and she started to feel lonely. In such a time she looked for some companionship and attention and got that in a stranger online.

Meri started chatting with the stranger. He showered attention and compliments on her and she thoroughly enjoyed it all until it came to light that the stranger on the other side of the computer screen was not a man, but a woman named Jacquelyn Overton who cat-fished Meri into feeling that she was a woman.

She even threatened legal action on Meri and it was only then that she decided to speak out about the episode to her family. Meri said at the Tell All that she was surprised at how supportive how family was and she was glad that she was a part of such a strong and affection set of people.

While there has been no official report on whether Sister Wives will be back for Season 7, but Tamron Hall hinted at the TLC series returning for another new season.

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