Sister Wives Season 6: Final Episode Reveals Secrets, Christine Talks About Jealousy, And More

The final episode of Sister Wives Season 6 was called Tell All and it was expected to be exactly that. An episode that will have the members of the Brown family will come out to and go through each of the moments in the course of the season that made an impact on them.

Sister Wives Season 6 was all about the drama that started after Meri Brown decided to divorce Kody Brown and enable him to have Robyn as a legal wife for the sake of her three children from previous marriage.

Robyn was fighting a nasty legal battle with her ex-husband over the custody of their children and with Kody as her legal husband, there was higher chance of her getting the custody of her children.

The Brown family was adamant that Meri’s divorce from Kody will not change the equation within the family. They had been insistent that the divorce and then the marriage wasn’t anything, but some changes in the legal documents. However, things weren’t that easy and it did take a toll on the Brown family.

Soon after their marriage, Kody started paying more attention to Robyn than his other wives and this became an issue of jealousy for the other wives because things began to change around the house. Things escalated when Robyn and Kody announced that they will be having a baby in January. This brought Robyn into the limelight and deteriorated things between Kody and his other spiritual wives.

Christine, one of Kody’s spiritual wife spoke out about her feelings. Christine had never been vocal about her feelings, but she finally did talk it out. Kody and Christine decided to hire a marriage counsellor who accompanied them on their romantic trip together. Nancy helped them realize that the problem is coming in because they are having communication issues.

Christine even admitted to being jealous of the polygamous family set up that they have. It was almost five years ago when Christine had first spoken about her hatred for the polygamous set up and since then Kody and she had been undergoing counselling.

Meri had also spoken out about her uneasy feelings towards the family structure. There were reports suggesting that Meri had even looked at the possibility of moving out of the Brown household and starting a monogamous Meri even tweeted that they were ultimately humans and jealousy is but a very natural emotion and hence even they feel it.

This was the first time in Sister Wives Season 6 that the family had spoken about jealousy since until now they have always avoided the issue.

Tamron Hall, the journalist from Today who was hosting the Tell All episode asked Aspyn, who is the eldest Brown children how she felt about coming from a polygamous family and it was surprising for the viewers to hear that she didn’t enjoy being a part of the family where there were so many siblings and where the parents were in a polygamous relationship.

It is believed that the main reason for the hatred for polygamy is because of Kody not giving enough time to the other wives and children. Ever since his marriage with Robyn, he had been spending all his time on her.

He was also preoccupied with the whole custody issue and hence was unable to give as much as he should have to the other wives and children. Kody had spoken out at the Tell All, promising all his four wives and children that will be try to give all them adequate amount of time.