Grimm Season 5: Is Bitsie Tulloch Set to Return? Mitchell Will Be Removed, Team Fight the Rat King, And More

Grimm Season 5 was supposed to have its fifth episode aired on 27th November, but the episode was pushed back to 4th December because of the Thanksgiving break. For the fans who are waiting for the show to come back, there are a lot of interesting things in store.

The entire team of Grimm celebrated the occasion of the airing of their 100th episode and fans got a glimpse of Bitsie Tulloch with the other cast and crew members. This got the fans excited since they feel that Juliette isn’t going to be killed off in the show.

Season 5 of Grimm started with Juliette, but she has only been appearing in flashbacks. With Bitsie Tulloch in the midst of the whole team of Grimm, fans are hopeful that she will be back from the dead. As Nick’s (David Giuntoli) lover, Juliette enjoyed a lot of fans and they were all disappointed when she was killed off in Season 4 of Grimm.

Grimm Season 5 episode 5 will start with Nick and Hank (Russell Hornsby) who are going to come face to face with the Rat King. The two of them are called when 3 Wesen go out to the local dumpster in the middle of the night and two of them end up dead. The two deaths are caused by the Rat King and Nick is the best bet to find out what’s going to be done next.

The fifth episode of Grimm Season 5 will be called The Rat King and it will also see Nick meeting Meisner for the first time in the season. Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) will be badly injured and will have to be rushed to the hospital in the meantime.

The synopsis for the upcoming episode states that Portland will be under threat from this giant sized rat and no one will be willing to understand the gravity of the situation. Even Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) is skeptical of the giant rat that Nick talks about. Monroe jokes and associates the Rat King with the Godzilla that is known to have tormented an entire city.

However, the trailer ends with Monroe realizing that the Rat King exists for real since he is seen running for his life along with Rosalee (Bree Turner), Nick and Hank. The Rat King torments the city and the humans don’t know how to tackle a rodent that is this huge. Monroe in his inimitable manner says that they will need to find a really big rat trap if they have to stop the Rat King from creating havoc.

Episode 5 of Grimm Season 5 will see a lot of guest stars. Deadline reported that Carlson Young, who had been seen in Scream will be joining Nick and his team to fight the Rat King. Also Bailey Chase from Longmire will make an appearance in the fifth episode as the leader of the group of Wesen, Lucien Petrovich.

Executive Producer Jim Kouf told Latin Post that when Grimm was invited for the first year of Comic Con they never thought that they would come this far. They didn’t even know if Grimm will be renewed for the second season. Now they are in their fifth season and are 100 episodes down.

The main plot of Grimm revolves around a set of mysterious keys. Jim Kouf said that they decided that they would answer the question of the mysterious keys once they reach the 100th episode of the series and now when they have crossed that bench mark, they realize that they have to address the issue immediately.