Spider-Man: Will Iron Man and Captain America Be a Part of the Film? Tom Holland Talks of His Experience, And More

Robert Downey Jr. might have given out a secret for the fans of Marvel. While in the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, Robert Downey Jr. told Chris Evans that the two are soon going to be heading back to Atlanta to shoot together.

Fans were quick to pick up this piece of information and they have been since then trying to figure out which film the two have signed up together.

Then Tom Holland, who is going to be playing the role of Marvel’s Spider-Man, let it out that the film be shot in Atlanta and the fans were quick to realize that Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans are going to be part of the upcoming Spider-Man film from Marvel.

However, with no confirmation on Robert Downey Jr.’s comment, there can be a chance of him hinting at the fact that Iron Man and Captain America will have to go back to Atlanta to reshoot some of the scenes from Captain America: Cold War.

With Captain America: Cold War complete, there is little or no chance that talented actors as talented at Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans will have to redo some of their scenes. This leaves open the possibility that both Iron Man and Captain America are going to make an appearance in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

With Iron Man and Captain America on two different sides in Captain America: Civil War, there is a lot of debate on which side Spider-Man will be. This will be the first film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe where Spider-Man will make an appearance and there is a lot of interest to see which side he is on in the film.

It looks like Tom Holland has let out the big secret. In an interview with SuperheroHype, Tom Holland let out the fact that his character Peter Parker will keep his identity secret from the other superheroes. This will be Spider-Man’s first encounter with the Avengers and as mentioned he will keep his real identity hidden from the others.

The fact that Peter Parker will want to keep his identity hidden, hints at the fact that he will be in allegiance with Superheroes like Captain America and Hawkeye. He will join the other superheroes who have opposed the Superhero Registration Act, where it was made compulsory for the superheroes to come out in the open with their real identities. This act makes up the main aspect of the Civil War comic strip.

Marvel has released the first poster of Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man features heavily on it. The poster shows the shield of Captain America, but a closer look will reveal that the shield is cover by the web.

This image has again brought the fans to the discussion about which side Spider-Man’s allegiance lies. Does the web show that he is joined with the forces of the shield or does it indicate that it is trying to stop the shield? This is something that fans will have to find out after more scoops are released.

The upcoming Spider-Man film is the Marvel take on the superhero. Marvel took the rights of the film from Sony and decided to revamp the franchise. They weren’t happy with the way the films with Spider-Man had shaped up in the future and with Spider-Man becoming a part of Avengers, Marvel wanted Spider-Man to become a popular hero and give him a completely different avatar.