Dying Light The Following: Gets A Price Hike, To Be Released As A Standalone Title? Let’s See

Polish video game developer Techland developed Dying Light and it was published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment in March 2015. It was released as a cross platform game with versions for PC, Xbox One, Sony PS 4 and Linux being made available to fans. Dying Light falls under the open-world first person action survival video game category and the main focus of the game is zombies.

The game has been highly praised by both fans and critics and its developers reported that 5 million units of the game had been sold within the first five months of its release.

Just in the recent past it was announced by the developers of the game that it is set to receive its second DLC sometime in the first half of 2016. The first DLC for the game was released by the developers back in May 2014 and it was called the Bozak Horde.

The upcoming DLC has been named The Following and reports are stating the upcoming DLC will significantly expand the game while also adding new aspects to it.

The developers had originally decided a $14.99 price tag for the standalone pack of The Following but recently announcements were made regarding a hike in the price of the DLC due to certain reasons. A $5 hike in its price will now see it standing at the $19.99 mark. This increase in the DLC’s price will also have a rippling effect on the game’s Season Pass.

The Season Pass which had an original price tag of $19.99 will now be available for $29.99, featuring a $10 price hike. The increase in price of the Season Pass will come into effect on and from December 8.

However, fans already in possession of the Season Pass can consider themselves lucky as they won’t have to shell out extra money for it. While other fans keen on purchasing the Season Pass can save $10 by making the purchase before 8th December.

A renowned website reported that the increase in price of the DLC is because it is bringing so much content with it. The developers stated that due to an increase in the scale of project regarding The Following, they are forced to reconsider the pricing of the expansion pack. The news may come as a not-so-good surprise to fans and thus they are making early announcements so that the fans have a clear knowledge about the matter.

Techland further added that the DLC is in its finishing stages and the final touches are being added to it which will iron out any bugs or errors in it and will also adjust its framerate.

The Following will come with a host of new main quests, side quests and various challenges like the driving challenge. A brand new skill set will also be brought forth by the DLC for the protagonist of the game, Kyle Crane.

Overall, the expansion pack has enough content in it to be released as a brand new standalone game itself. However, doing so meant that the developers will have to keep the fans waiting for a much longer time for its release and thus they opted against the idea and decided to release it as planned– an expansion pack to the original game.

The DLC will reportedly bring an additional 10 hours of gameplay along with brand new weapons and vehicles.

A new story campaign will be added to the game via the DLC. This campaign features a new story in which Kyle Crane will find himself in a cultists occupied outback area. These cultists are somehow involved in the outbreak of the zombie phenomenon. The player will be tasked with gaining entry into the cult and with time he will have to extract sensitive information from them by acquiring their trust.