Apple iOS Jailbreak: iOS 9.1 Jailbroken Version Coming In 2016? Hacker Brings 3D Touch to iPad Pro!

iOS Jailbreaking is a method by which a root access to the iOS file system and file manager could be gained in devices from Apple like the iPhone, iPod Touch and the second generation Apple TV.

This process removes certain software restrictions imposed by the developers on these devices. Jailbreaking is popular among fans because it allows download of third-party themes, applications and extensions from outside the Apple App Store.

Speculations are running wild among fans as to whether the recently released iOS 9.1 can be jailbroken. Renowned iOS hackers, Pangu and TaiG has been tight lipped regarding the matter as of yet. Previously,Pangu was able to jailbreak three versions of the iOS 9, the iOS 9, iOS 9.0.1 and the iOS 9.0.2 by using certain vulnerabilities in the operating system.

Apple is taking extra care to find and eliminate any exploits and vulnerabilities in the iOS 9.1 so that they cannot be used by the hackers to jailbreak the entire iOS. However, it is being believed that a jailbroken version of the iOS will quite surely be developed by the hackers and it will see the light of the day in recent future.

Rumors are doing rounds on the internet claiming that the iOS 9.1 jailbreak may release sometime in 2016. According to a popular website, there is a fairly high chance that the iOS 9.1 jailbreak might make its appearance in the first half 2016.

Another rumor states that the update will hit the market at the end of the next year but it should also be noted that the credibility of this rumor is questionable and it is unlikely that the hackers will take such a long time to release a jailbroken version of the iOS 9.1.

Users of Apple devices who have upgraded them to the iOS 9.1 won’t be able to use the jailbroken feature in their devices anymore. Until recently, the only way to use a jailbroken version of the iOS after the iOS 9.1 upgrade was by downgrading from the 9.1 build to its predecessor, the iOS 9.0.2.

Unfortunately though, this cannot be done anymore as Apple has stopped the downgrade availability completely and users who have already upgraded their devices to the iOS 9.1 will have to continue to use it without the jailbroken feature for now.

It was admitted by Apple that the iOS 9.1 contains two patches which are exploitable and Pangu Team made use of these patches to jailbreak this version of iOS. Looks like the other Apple iOS jailbreaking team of TaiG will have to find certain other exploits and vulnerabilities in the system to hack the 9.1 build.

According to a report from a renowned website, Apple has made the newest version of its iOS much more secure from jailbreaking and hacking. The company has worked hard to tighten the security in this build and it looks like the hackers will have a difficult time jailbreaking this version. Reportedly, a tech company from Cupertino has discovered certain methods which will work towards fixing security issues in iOS and will make it jailbreak-proof in the future.

Fans of jailbroken versions of iOS are anxiously waiting for Pangu and TaiG to jailbreak the iOS 9.1. Reports also state that previous efforts to jailbreak this version have not been completely successful. With the lack of availability of a jailbreaking tool, frustration among fans is growing and questions are circulating whether a proper jailbreaking tool for this version will make its appearance at all.

An iOS 9 jailbreak that brings 3D Touch capabilities to the iPad Pro has been recently created by HazmaSood. HazmaSood is a part of the development team of iOS and he is also a famed hacker. The jailbreak that he created will also reportedly bring customizable faces to the Apple Watch.