Apple iOS Jailbreak: iOS 9.1 Jailbroken Version Coming In 2016? Hacker Brings 3D Touch to iPad Pro!

The 3D Touch feature is not a part of the iPad Pro by default and thus this hack stands out as being a cool one. Certain portions of the iOS 9’s system code were tweaked by Sood which enabled the device to recognize the pressure data from the Apple Pencil as pressure data for 3D touch functions.

The hack brings out another side of the Apple Pencil which is generally used for drawing or sketching. The sensors of the Apple Pencil could be used in an unusual way to enable this hack. The 3D touch Feature is a more responsive touch system that has the ability to detect different levels of pressure, a thing that the Force Touch feature is not capable of.

The Apple Pencil’s built in sensors enables it to add extra information while doing tasks like drawing. These sensors however are not present in the iPad Pro and thus using fingers will not allow the hack to work on the device.

Sood’s hack converts the Apple Pencil’s pressure data into process-able information for the Peek and Pop System of the 3D touch. In this way the hack works towards bringing the iPhone 6 famed 3D Touch feature into the iPad Pro.

Stay tuned for more update on Apple iOS 9.1 Jailbreak.