Shantae to Be Introduced In Super Smash Bros 4 DLC While Amiibo Lucina and Robin Stocks Enrage Fans!

In other news, a lot of collectors aren’t too happy with Amazon after the Wave 4 ‘Super Smash Bros’ Amiibo went on sale yesterday. It seems like Robin and Lucina sold out in under a minute and fans made threats and insults towards one of Amazon’s community managers. The Amiibo Reddit community is ablaze. A lot of the spam has been removed but Robin and Lucina has proved be a frustrating purchase for most. Before the Wave-4 Amiibo launch, Amazon released a new policy regarding how the figurines would be sold. Customers were made aware of a 30-Minute launch time for each of the set’s nine members. A lot of major publications picked up the news which meant that Amiibo fans were made aware of the protocol. In regards to Super Smash Bros. Amiibo characters: Lucina and Robin, the direct sales initiative proved to be a massive disaster.

Both of these items were reported to be in low stock beforehand and hence the entire collection was sold out on Amazon before the shoppers could even notice them available. The depressingly short availability window left many Amiibo hunters angry and upset about not being able to purchase these wishful items. AmazonJosh, who devoted much of his time conversing with Reddit members, witnessed a major bulk of this anger. The situation got so heated up that he was asked to into hiding until the situation is resolved.

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