Shakira: Makes Her Disney Character Get Bigger Hips, Excited About the Upcoming Film, And More

According to Latin Post, Shakira was so excited about the film that she brought along her son Milan along with a few other friends of his to watch the premiere of Zootopia.

Disney hadn’t decided on which character she would be working on when they roped her in for the job. It was only after she flew to Los Angeles to talk about the project did she see the different characters in the film and she felt an instant connection with Gazelle and decided to lend her voice to the character.

When asked about her music career, Shakira said that she will be returning back to where she belonged in March. The singer had taken a break after the birth of her second son Sasha and hasn’t been able to concentrate on her work completely. With Sasha turning a year old, Shakira is again back to working on her music full time.

Shakira has confessed that music is very important to her and she feels suffocated if she is away from it too long. This, however, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love her children. She said that she lives for music and that is what she is made of and apart from her family, music is what keeps her ticking.

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