Shakira: Makes Her Disney Character Get Bigger Hips, Excited About the Upcoming Film, And More

Shakira is going to soon be part of the Disney family as she will be lending her voice to an animated character in Disney’s new film Zootopia. Shakira doesn’t just stop at lending her voice to the character of the Gazelle in the film, according to Movie News Guide she went ahead and told Disney to make her character more like her and asked the animators to give the Gazelle a big hip, like hers.

Shakira felt that that Gazelle was like her since there were similarities in their preference for certain clothes and the way they carried themselves and even seemed to have similar eyes and she felt that with all those details matching, the animators at Disney should also make the character that she was lending her voice to, look more like her when it came to the body.

Shakira sat down with the Disney team of animators for Zootopia and worked out the character of Gazelle. She was outlined by the singer and since her trademark is her hips, she went ahead to ask them incorporate that aspect as well and Disney obliged.

While talking to El Pais, Shakira said that she felt that Gazelle needed more hips and when she suggested that to Disney, they readily gave in to that.

Shakira had informed Billboard that it was super fun working for an animated movie and it is very different from the things had she had recently done. She said that she was glad that she could be of such a fun project and looks forward to something similar in the future.

According to official report, Zootopia is expected to release on 4th March and it has actors like Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman in it. While Goodwin lends his voice to Lt. Judy Hoops, Bateman is going to lend his voice to the character of Nicke Wild. The film deals with the different animals in a zoo and Goodwin’s Lt. Hoops is on a mission to solve a mysterious case along with Bateman’s Wild.

Shakira’s new song Try Everything is going to release with the film and it is a song is about dreaming. The song talks how individuals shouldn’t get bogged down with their own dreams and should have the ability to fight for and fulfill them. According to ET Online, the theme for the song reflects the general theme for Zootopia.

Shakira spoke to Huffington Post and spoke about how she personally related to the theme of the song and the film. The film shows how Judy Hopps, the bunny, who is also the protagonist has a lot of aspirations and dreams that she often ends up finding rather impossible and far-fetched. Shakira confessed to having the same feelings in her own life.

She confessed to being a little girl in Barranquilla and dreaming of performing on a large stage with a huge crowd cheering for her. She said that her music teacher would criticize her dissonant voice and in turn she would only move her lips and not actually sing along with the chorus.

Huffington Post reported that Shakira has always had a connection with Disney movies and she would also sit with a tub of popcorn to watch them on television. Having two young kids who are also fans of Disney, she feels that it is very cool that as their mother, she is now in a position to brag about her connection to Mickey Mouse thanks to the Disney movie.