Calum Hood: Tweets About Wanting to Leave the Band, Gets A New Hair Cut, Dating Nia Lovelis, And More

There were rumors about One Direction breaking up, but then that got sorted when Liam Payne came out in the open and squashed it all. Now it looks like Calum Hood is set to quit 5 Seconds of Summer. Youth Health Magazine reported that Calum Hood had tweeted about wanting to quit the popular band and live the life of a normal youngster.

This has come as a huge shock to the fans of 5 Seconds of Summer since after Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood is the second most popular member of the band and is known for his cheerful and goofy persona. Calum Hood’s post where he wrote about wanting to lead a normal life has devastated numerous fans since they are reminded of Zayne Malik leaving One Direction last year.

Fans have all come out support Calum Hood and have started Twitter handles to show how much they love and care for the singer. They have come out in the open to state that 5 Seconds of Summer will lose its charm with the bassist leaves the band. Some fans have also said that Calum Hood is hurt and broken and these are emotions on not knowing how to come to terms with that feeling.

However, before you can fire your guns and get into panic mode, it is better if you find out the whole scoop on this matter. When a TMZ photographer asked Calum Hood if he had any intention of leaving 5 Seconds of Summer, he said he has no such intention.

Since this confirmation comes directly from the guitarist, fans should relax a little bit and be rest assured that they will never have to see a 5 Seconds of Summer band without Calum Hood in it.

After Luke Hemmings, if there is one person from 5 Seconds of Summer who has a huge fan following, it is Calum Hood. Calum Hood is currently trending on Twitter because of his tweet and his new hairstyle has also garnered a lot of attention.

Things, however, seems to have gotten a little too serious since it is being alleged that Calum Hood has had sex with a fan while he was tour with his band.Korea Portal has reported that the first spark of fire was started by Luke Hemmings when he revealed that his and Calum Hood’s behavior are very different when they are on tour.

He spoke about getting intimate with a lot of girls and never went on to clarify himself in the course of the interview. He said that when a group of boys are out to make music there are going to be incidents with girls. He added that they have had fun with many girls.

Calum Hood diverted the conversation before it could become any more awkward by stating that his brand new hairstyle is surely going to put an end to the numerous rumors about him cheating on his girlfriend while on tour or leaving the band.

Whether it is Luke Hemming’s personal life or that of Calum Hood, these things are going to continue. The boys of 5 Seconds of Summer have learnt that they need to pay heed to these rumors anymore and are always focused on their music. The band is about to start their latest tour which will take them to Japan and then after two months to UK.