The Leftovers: Season 3 To Be the Finale, Theroux Talks About the Upcoming Season, And More Details

HBO had announced that The leftovers is going to be back for season 3 and this has cause much excitement amongst the fans. The second season of The Leftovers had started in a very interesting juncture and the fans are desperately trying to figure what’s in store when the series returns.

The confirmation of The Leftovers Season 3 was made by Damon Lombardo, the President of HBO himself and he said that HBO was happy to bring the series back for the third season. Based on a novel of the same name by Tom Perrotta, is based on life on earth after a rapture like where almost 2% of the world’s population simply vanishes without any trace.

While Season 1 dealt with the Rapture, the second season showed all the major characters moving to Jarden in Texas as this was the only city in the world where there was no sudden departure on the day of the rapture. While the characters feel that Jarden is a safe haven, it is no so. The episode of the Rapture is looked from the Garvey family.

There is no explanation given as to why people have disappeared. Since no one seems to have disappeared from Jarden, this is considered to be a miracle place with people coming to seek answers. Kevin Garvey played by Justin Theroux will be left grappling for answers.

The DVD and Blue-Ray edition of the first two seasons are out and those who want to enjoy the suspense and excitement of The Leftovers can purchase the items. The release date for the third season hasn’t been released so the best way to beat The Leftovers’ blue is watch and re-watch the previous episodes.

Although the first season of The Leftovers is based on the novel by the author, the second season was the complete brainchild of Damon Lindelof. It is surprising to note that The Leftovers Season 2 was way more popular than the first season.

Lambardo said that HBO is immensely pleased with the creativity of the writers and although the show doesn’t enjoy a very good TRP, the way the fans rallied outside the HBO office in New York to make sure that the network renewed The Leftovers for the third season, goes ahead to show how popular it is.

Now that The Leftovers has been renewed for the third season, the fans are hoping that the upcoming season is riveting enough to make to bring in more viewers so that HBO doesn’t think of cancelling the series after Season 3.

Even though fans are hopeful that The Leftovers will be allowed to run beyond the third season, there are some talks that this might be the final season for the series. This news was made public by Damon Lindelof himself.

He said that ever since the first day when he started working on the script, he was aware of the fact that they will have to work towards an end.

David Lindelof took the work of Tom Perrotta and made it his own. He said that he had always thought of The Leftovers as a trilogy and this means that the third season is going to be the final one. Even though the second and the third season are his imagination, he has confirmed that the series will end in the same exact same manner as the novel that it is based on.