The Leftovers: Season 3 To Be the Finale, Theroux Talks About the Upcoming Season, And More Details

Slash Films sat down with Justin Theroux from The Leftovers and he said that the second season of the show was so riveting that everyone is waiting for The Leftovers Season 3 earnestly.

He said that he loved season 1 and himself was trying to figure out what was happening and then came Season 2 where they changed the completely tapestry of the series. The show took risks and it paid off for them.

Justin Theroux also confirmed the fact that The Leftovers Season 3 will be the final season. Lindelof had made it very clear from the beginning that the show will last for not more than a few years.

He added that he likes to know that there is an end to a story and it is good when a show naturally runs its course and ends since people tend to lose interest if it continues for over five to six years.

When it comes to what the viewers can expect from The Leftovers Season 3, since there was a general belief that the second season was very dark and morbid, the showrunners have planned to instill some humor into the third season.

Lindelof has also informed that unlike the second season, the third season will not deal with Tom and his difficulties, the focus is going to other aspects that will help the story to grow.

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