Second Wave of Invites for Beta Testing of Pokémon GO Sent Out in the US, Beta Testers Reveal a Few Aspects of the Upcoming Game, And More

It was also reported that wild Pokémon have the capability of deflecting a thrown Pokeball. The Pokeball itself will be seen getting bigger or shrinking and this change in size reportedly is an indication whether the Pokémon will be captured or not.

Evolution crystals can be earned by capturing Pokémon and players will have to accumulate these crystals. When the required number of crystals have been acquired, they can be sued to evolve a Pokémon.

The Pokémon will be time and place sensitive which means that a water type Pokémon will likely be found near a water body. A ghost type Pokémon like Ghastly will be found during the night at deserted places like the graveyard.

Whenever a Pokémon is nearby, players will be notified through the Pokémon GO plus gadget or through their smartphones. Using the smartphone, players will be able to throw a Pokeball towards the Pokémon in an attempt to capture it.

The higher the trainer level of a player, the more the chances of him or her capturing a powerful Pokémon will be. Players will be able to increase their trainer level by spending more time playing the game. They will also be able to join teams to fight with other trainers within the game.

Stay tuned for more updates on Pokémon GO.