Fuller House Season 2 Could Crossover with Growing Pains, a 80s Sitcom Dad Will Be Guest-Starring In Season 2!

When Fuller House returns for a second season on Netflix, Alan Thicke of Growing Pains will be guest starring on Fuller House. Thicke starred on Growing Pains of ABC from 1985 to 1992. His co-star was Candace Cameron Bure’s real brother Kirk Cameron.

Thicke announced his guest spot on Twitter and lots of sit-com fans started thinking about a possible crossover. Netflix and Warner Bros. were requested to comment about it but they declined. Meanwhile, John Stamos will return to Fuller House as a producer on the series and also as Uncle Jesse. He also teased that surprise guests will be appearing in Season 2.

Stamos told ‘E! News’ that they wish to go full steam again.Moreover, it will be much easier this year since they already know about the spinoff. They know about the moves of Jodie Sweeten, Andrea Barber and Candace Cameron Bure. They also know that people prefer the two guys that DJ was dating.

They are adding a legacy cast along with some fun characters. They will spread out the show over the season. There are some guest starts that would come as surprises for everyone that he is working with.

It is possible that Tanner and the Seaver family could occupy the same universe. Steve Urkel did a crossover with Full House, coming from Family Matters. Meanwhile, in an episode of Hangin’ Out With Mr. Cooper, Michelle Tanner (Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen) appeared.

Let us look at a few spoilers for Fuller House Season 2. First of all, the show will welcome another TV Dad. Bob Saget will be reprising his role as Danny Tanner in at least a single episode of Season 1. Moreover, he isn’t the only sitcom dad from the 80s to show up and visit the popular Girard Street house.

Jason Seaver was played by Alan Thicke in Growing Pains and he posted a photo on his Twitter account. In the last season, Hunter Pence from San Diego Padres had a brief romance with Stephanie. Sweetin told Entertainment Weekly that she will spend time with a new beau and it will come as a good surprise.

She mentioned that in season 2, there will be more discussions on her infertility. Sweetin said to Glamour that they had talked about it once. Therefore, it’s not possible to just abandon that topic and not discuss it again. In the last season, we saw that DJ Tanner was dating both Matt and Steve.

John Brotherton and Scott Weinger were both promoted to series regulars in Season Two. Moreover, DJ will not just date these two men. Reports suggest that she will be dating another suitor and he will also turn out to be gay.

At the same time, Steve will get close with a CJ, A DJ lookalike. Dave Coulier will star as Joey Gladstone in the second season. He will also be stepping behind the camera at the same time.

According to Glamour, viewers will also witness Joey’s wife and kids. The entire second season will be produced by John Stamos. The series is in high demand and season 2 episodes will be aired before the year ends.

This means that fans will need to wait ten months before seeing fresh episodes of Fuller House. It will not be a 12-month wait like other shows like Orange is the new Black and House of Cards.