Fuller House Season 2 Could Crossover with Growing Pains, a 80s Sitcom Dad Will Be Guest-Starring In Season 2!

Glamour reported that Juan Pablo di Pace, Ashley Liao, Scott Weinger and John Brotherton will be on the series. According to fans, Steve and DJ will reignite the flame, depending on the casts who still remain. People are predicting a brewing love story but some reports indicate that a love triangle situation could occur.

Meanwhile, major spoilers for Fuller House were revealed. As the website talked about the possible storylines for different cast members, fans were not able to hold their excitement. John Brotherton and Scott Weinger were already casted in the second season and it seems like DJ will be held in a love triangle.

A report from TV Line suggests that DJ will be going out with a completely different guy. Meanwhile, Stephanie will introduce her new boyfriend. Her relationship with Pence didn’t go so well as revealed last season. This means that she could be involved with a new guy in the second season.

Other reports suggest that the cast will be going back to its roots. A lot of us don’t know that Fuller House was filmed on the same lot as Friends.

You can expect a lot of flashback moments. In the first season, reuniting got pretty emotional and coming back again, for the second was amazing as well. Candace said that it felt like they were all on a Summer Break.

Stay tuned for more updates and information on Fuller House Season 2!