Second Wave of Invites for Beta Testing of Pokémon GO Sent Out in the US, Beta Testers Reveal a Few Aspects of the Upcoming Game, And More

Pokémon GO is an upcoming augmented-reality game that has been developed by Niantic. It will be released for the platforms of iOS and Android. Alongside the game, a small wearable gadget called the Pokémon GO Plus will also be released. This particular device will work towards alerting the wearer whenever a Pokémon is in close vicinity.

A beta version of the game was released by Niantic in the past and the latest reports indicate that another beta testing of the game will soon be held by the developers. Apparently, fans in the US will be able to test out the beta version of the game next.

Some fans have claimed that they have already tried out the beta version of the game. The developers are yet to come forward with some concrete news regarding the release date of the game.

It was seen in the case of another game called Ingress, that the developers held several beta tests before rolling out the final version of the game.

The final version of the game was released after a year of the beta tests. Some experts are of the opinion that Niantic might follow the same path when it comes to the release of Pokémon GO.

Till date, Pokémon GO has been beta tested only in Japan and US. However, in the case of Ingres, the beta testing was held on a global basis. The Electronic Entertainment Expo will soon be held in Los Angeles, California. It will begin on June 14 and will continue till June 16.

Nintendo will be present at the event and it is being rumored that the company might shed some light on the matter of the upcoming game at the event. Two other Pokémon games are also likely to be discussed at the event and they are- Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.

Coming back to the matter of field tests, the second wave of invites for beta testing has been sent out in the US. However, it should be noted that fans who have already tried out the game during the first beta test will not be able to participate in the latest beta testing.

Players who have signed up for the beta testing during the previous month could expect to be invited. However, it should be kept in mind that the selection process is completely random.

A lucky few fans will be selected from amongst all those who have registered. Fans will have to keep a track of their emails as the invites will be sent over mail itself.

Various reports state that there is some kind of an issue related to the latest batch of invites. Apparently, a small typo in the email sent by Niantic is preventing fans from accessing the beta. The invite contained the address-émonGO/join

This address is incorrect as there is an extra ‘c’ after the word- nianticlabs. The correct address is-émonGO/join

The extra ‘c’ in the link was preventing invitees from accessing the beta. However, they will be able to access it by using the above mentioned correct link.

Fans who participate in the beta testing will have to agree to a non-discloser act. The same procedure was carried out during the previous beta testing. However, that did not stop fans from spilling the beans about the upcoming game.

It has been reported that fans have leaked that the game currently comprises of a total of 150 original Pokémon. That apart the game also includes a number of Pokestops, which are actually a number of portals from the Ingress game.

Fans also state that the process of capturing Pokémon in Pokémon GO is a bit different than the process that is found in other Pokémon games. Players will be able to throw their Pokeballs in a number of different ways.