Sherlock Season 4 Is Currently Being Filmed in Marrakesh, Benedict Cumberbatch Has Gained an Unlikely Admirer, More Details

Season 4 spoilers for Sherlock are spreading like wildfire all over the internet. Keep in mind that not a lot has been revealed online and we are still waiting for some major spoilers. However, there is a huge possibility of Moriarty returning in the next season.

He is Sherlock’s arch nemesis and quite a few times in the past, it has been confirmed that he is dead and will not be coming back again. According to several theories, however, this could be a strategy to water down expectations from the audience.

According to What Culture, Moriarty is probably dead but none can really assume that he has a twin brother who is as evil as he is. According to the site, fans are anticipating the return of Moriarty.

The report revealed that most people saw him die but his return was interpreted as a delayed contingency plan. In The Abominable Bride, it was basically stressed for an hour and a half that Moriarty is really dead. However, why should they go to such extreme lengths in order to tell fans what they already know?

It seems like they wanted to strengthen the double bluff. According to spoilers for season 4, a return is expected in the main plot of Sherlock Season 4. However, no one can really say as to what or whom this involves. Steven Moffat, the showrunner, said that in Sherlock Holmes, there will be a rise of Ghosts from the past.

Terror and tragedy are looming in the lives of John Watson and Sherlock Holmes. In the meantime, fans are wondering what Toby Jones, the new villain, has to offer. According to many, his character is connected to that of Moriarty. Sadly, the producers have chosen to remain silent about any such rumors.

The production for Sherlock Season 4 has primarily begun in Cardiff and speculations indicate that the first episode has already been completed. A new report from Huffington Post Morocco suggests that the 2nd episode will be filmed in Marrakesh.

This indicates an abrupt shift in the setting of this series. We have no idea whether Morocco scenes will be used in Episode 2 and 3 or if they will be inserted in the primary episode. Toby Jones will play the role of primary villain, in this season.

According to Deadline, he is based on one of the finest villains from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sadly, we don’t know the exact identity of this particular villain and what nefarious plans he has in store.

He might be based on an Arthur Conan Doyle creation but a Morocco setting cannot be compared to anything from the short stories of Sherlock Holmes.

It is expected that Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman will head into Morocco in order to take down this villain (as Holmes and Watson) or spoil one of his main plans.

Considering the fact that he was banished during the end of season 3, speculations suggest that the British Government will be sending Sherlock into Morocco. Jones’ villainous character could also be residing or operating in Morocco.

An official announcement or teaser trailer is yet to be revealed. Meanwhile, Jones and the other cast members haven’t divulged anything regarding the upcoming plot.

It is expected that Sherlock Season 4 will premiere during Christmas in the UK and this will be followed by an early January or New Year’s Eve premiere in the United States. An official premiere date is yet to be announced by BBC.