Sherlock Season 4 Is Currently Being Filmed in Marrakesh, Benedict Cumberbatch Has Gained an Unlikely Admirer, More Details

The 4th season of Sherlock Holmes may not release for a long time but reports indicate that a new plot has been recently released. When the show finally returns, will Sherlock Holmes get a secret admirer? The Telegraph reported that nothing like that has been suggested so far.

However, if you remember correctly, Benedict Cumberbatch, the man behind Sherlock Holmes, recently gained a secret admirer. The actor won the attention of Koko the gorilla, a highly unexpected fan.

Bridget Appleby, the producer, told Radio Times that she has a major crush on him. Moreover, she loves English men. Appleby is a part of a team that is making a documentary about Koko’s life for BBC1.

Koko was raised by humans and taught to communicate by using American Sign Language. She loves English accents and has developed a fondness for Benedict Cumberbatch after watching DVDs of his work. The BBC1 producer said that since Koko has been brought up by humans, she has similar gestures and mannerisms.

According to Dr. Penny Patterson, Koko already knows more than 1000 signs and she can craft her own phrases using it. Patterson said that Koko is definitely not a pet. She can love and members of different species can love each other.

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