Spoilers for Season 12 Of Supernatural Surface, Mary’s Resurrection Likely to Have an Effect On the Winchester Brothers!

Supernatural is an American fantasy horror television series that has been created by Eric Kripke. The show made its debut on The WB back in 2005 and was later moved to The CW. The show has become the longest-running North American fantasy series. It has been renewed for a 12th season.

The eleventh season of the show recently came to an end and a number of rumors regarding the next season suggest that Mary Winchester’s plot will be featured in it. In the finale episode of the 11th season, fans witnessed the resurrection of Mary, who is the mother of the Winchester boys. Samantha Smith plays the character of Mary in the show.

Mary was seen wearing the very clothes that were on her when she met her death. Dean helped Amara realize that pursuing vengeance is not worth it. After this Amara decided to reconcile with Chuck or God, who is her brother.

Apparently, Amara is rewarding Dean for making her realize that vengeance is not worth it by resurrecting his mother.

The character of Amara is played by Emily Swallow and Rob Benedict portrays the character of Chuck.

The upcoming season could be seen having a different storyline too. The Winchester brothers could be seen going up against the Men of Letters in the 12th season of Supernatural.As could be seen in the

As could be seen in the final episode of the previous season, Sam was seen coming face to face with Lady Toni Bevell played by Elizabeth Blackmore, who is a member of the Men of Letters.

Bevell was provoked by Sam to shoot him and she did fire a shot from a gun, however, it was not shown, whether the gunshot hit Sam or not. There is a chance that fans might be seeing this saga continue in the upcoming season.

As for the resurrection of Mary, it has sparked speculations that the whole of it might just be a dream that Dean is having and she is not actually brought back to life. However, if indeed she is brought back to life, it might have an effect on the lives of both Sam and Dean.

Sam and Dean lost Mary when they were kids and were brought up by their father. Not that their mother is back once again, it is likely that they will be seen spending time with her.

They have been hunters for a long period of time, but they might be seen taking a break from it as their mother is back with them once again.

Amara and God were seen disappearing in the final season of the 11th season. Fans are discussing whether Dean knows about them and where they went despite their disappearance.

A rumor that is currently doing rounds on the internet suggests that the character of Lucifer might still be alive. Lucifer was seen facing his death at the hands of Amara in the 11th season. Speculations are rife that he might be brought back to the show in the next season.

The 12th season of Supernatural is going to have two brand new showrunners, as per reports. Jeremy Carver has been running the show for a long time and the latest reports suggest that he has resigned from Supernatural.

The reason behind his resignation is that he will be shifting his focus on a brand new project for The CW, which has been titled Frequency.

Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb have been roped in as the replacement for Jeremy Carver. They will be running the 12th season of Supernatural. Both of them have been associated with the show for quite some time now.

Andrew Dabb has already produced previous seasons of the show. His association with the show began when it was in its 4th season. He began his work as a writer for the series. He is a co-executive producer of Supernatural at the present moment. He is also well known for his documentary which is titled- Adventures Into Digital Comics.