Scoop On The Plot For Transformers 5, Film To Be Shot In Denmark, Standalone Film With Bumblebee!

Transformers 5 is going to be shot in Detroit once. There were rumors that the film might be shot in London and Ireland, but then this hasn’t been confirmed and Lee Rosenthal himself has confirmed that Michael Bay and team will be heading to Detroit for Transformers 5. Michigan has always been welcoming to the franchise and there is a special connection that the franchise shares with the city.

Brad Grey, the chairman of Paramount Pictures has informed Hollywood Reporter that the franchise has a lot of characters apart from Optimus Prime who are popular among the fans. There is a huge market for standalone films based on those characters and Paramount Pictures is going to start planning those out.

Bumblebee, the yellow Autobot is one of the most popular character in the Transformers franchise and Paramount Pictures is conceptualizing a film based on the character. There are talks of releasing standalone films from the franchise in between every Transformers film and in that case the fifth movie will be followed by a film on Bumblebee in 2018.

Paramount Pictures hasn’t come out with dates for the release and neither has to announced when the projects goes on the floor. Visit the page for more news on Transformers 5.