Frank Deals With The Hostage Situation In House Of Cards Season 4, Claire Has A Plan In Mind!

The House of Cards is one of the most popular political drama series on television. Given the fact that the story revolves around the American President, it is obvious that the hype surrounding the series will go up since the country is inching towards their next Presidential election.

House of Cards Season 4 has almost reached the finale and things are heating up more and more with every passing episode.

The hostage situation is still on and the viewers see Yusuf Al Ahmadi (Farshad Farahat) the mastermind behind ICO being brought out of the prison with complete security. While this is happening, Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is on the line talking to Joshua, who is controlling the kidnappers.

Joshua knows he has been cornered and is getting tougher as the FBI are zeroing down on his location. Frank refuses to back down and demands that Joshua releases the hostages before he even gets a chance to talk to Ahmadi.

Will Conway and Frank have a face-off since the former doesn’t approve of the way Frank is handling a crisis situation. The President has information that Conway has been interfering in affairs of the Intelligence Committee and forces the Governor to head back to New York leaving Underwood to deal with the situation.

Seth ends up lying to the press informing that Ahmadi hasn’t been released from Guantanamo and that he will be allowed to hold a correspondence with the kidnappers once they release two hostages. The press tries to figure out what is Will Conway’s involvement with the Intelligence Committee, but Seth doesn’t answer that.

Seth has his hands full while he tries to work out a script for the statement regarding the possible outcome of the hostage situation when he gets an email from Tom Hammerschmidt, the editor of the Washington Herald.

Seth knows that this is one person he needs to tackle properly and asks everyone to leave the room so that he could have a word with Hammerschmidt in private.

Hammerschmidt has made an accusation against the President and while Frank doesn’t think much of it, Seth is worried that it might go out of hand and things might turn really bad for the White House. Frank demands that Hammerschmidt be called in for a meeting at the Oval Office.

If the viewers thought that things were heating up in House of Cards Season 4, they didn’t know what was coming for them next.

Claire meets Ahmadi in a secret location! He is offered a shower and clean clothes and even food before Claire can sit to discuss things with him. It is surprising to Ahmadi and the viewers as to how much Claire seemed to know about him.

The viewers realize that Ahmadi is neither a fundamentalist nor is he from Syria. Instead, he is from Iraq and had been part of the Baath party before the American troops removed them from their power. Claire offers Ahmadi the chance to set the Baath party in Iraq. However, Ahmadi doesn’t seem interested since he doesn’t have a country to rule over anymore.

Claire makes it very clear that America will help re-establish the military order in Iraq discretely. Ahmadi seems interested in the prospect but doesn’t believe that Claire could make that happen.

Claire lets Ahmadi know that he doesn’t have much of an option since even if America can’t put an end to the ICO, they can make the group irrelevant.

Claire has a plan and doesn’t shy away from using Ahmadi’s family as a bait for the purpose. However, this doesn’t affect Ahmadi much since the whole family is invested in the fight and the cause and wouldn’t mind becoming a martyr for it.