Taylor Swift Goes On a Girls’ Night Out with Lorde, Uploads Video of Egg Battle, Doesn’t Approve of the Selena-Justin Reunion!

Taylor Swift just got back from her first anniversary trip with boyfriend Chris Harris and she is already busy socializing around the town. Taylor Swift is popular and has a huge group of friends, so it is not difficult to believe that she works hard and parties harder.

The singer was out on a girl’s night out with friend Lorde. The two decided to celebrate the Friday evening together and dressed up for the occasion. Lorde and Taylor Swift were color coordinated in black outfits and they went to ROKU Sunset, which is the new hotspot in Los Angeles.

The two arrived at the location around 8pm and dug into the delicacies that are available. They both tried grilled mushroom with sashimi, crispy onion with albacore and other finger food while sipping into the cucumber rose.

The two of them thoroughly enjoyed the dinner, since they were spotted laughing and chatting away all the while that they were at the restaurant. They complimented the food and service. Taylor Swift has always been open to her fans and she stopped on her way out to greet some fans. After ROKU Sunset, Taylor Swift and Lorde headed to The Nice Guy where they partied with Nick Jonas.

Taylor Swift had a rather interesting Easter weekend. The singer partied with Lorde and then celebrated Lady Gaga’s birthday on Saturday and went on to spend Easter with her family. She even gave a scoop of a Swift family Easter tradition.

She uploaded a video of her and her brother having an egg war. The two siblings sat with a hard-boiled egg in their hand. The two bumped their eggs in the hope that the opponents egg with crack under the pressure. While Taylor Swift got the victory in the first round, her younger brother Austin won the rounds thereafter. The video even had an Easter bunny behind, who looked like the game official.

Looks like Taylor Swift’s best friend Selena Gomez is getting back with Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber had recently shared a photo from the past where he is kissing Selena Gomez. There were numerous Jelena fans who liked it on Instagram and so did Selena Gomez. This act immediately caught the attention of the media and to add to the excitement, Selena Gomez’s next upload was immediately liked with Justin Bieber.

This flirting on the social media immediately started speculations that the two of them are getting back together and as a confirmation Selena Gomez was there at the mixing room at the Staples Center were Justin Bieber was performing as part of his world tour.

The fans didn’t know how to react to this. No one knows if Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are back together or if they are simply being supportive of each other as mere friends.

No there are reports that Justin Bieber had an off for a few days for Easter and he was exhausted from the schedule of the world tour and wanted to spend some time with Selena Gomez during the Easter break.

Justin Bieber had lately been vocal about the fact that he wasn’t going to be okay with the fact that Selena Gomez might move on with someone. He wanted Selena to be happy, but couldn’t come to terms with the fact that she might have a new man in her life. Selena Gomez on her part revealed that she would never find love in her life.