Jenna Breaks Up With Luke To Concentrate On Work, Viewers Feel Awkward Season 5 Has Lost Its Charm!

Jenna (Ashley Rickards) has been behaving in a weird manner lately. Last week episode saw her confess to Luke (Evan Williams) that she had an affair with Matty (Beau Mirchoff) and went on to rant about their relationship and the breakup. While she was at it, much to the shock of the viewers, Jenna ended up telling Luke that she couldn’t date him anymore.

However, when she started thinking about what she had done, she begins to question her decision more and more. Season 5 of Awkward will see Jenna trying to follow the fine line that is between normalcy and eccentricity and instead of solving her problems, she starts to sink further into them.

Jenna tries to take things under control and decides to go ahead and confront Luke. She apologizes to him for having broken up.

She reveals that the reason for her breaking up with him was only because she had to concentrate on her work and spend time with her co-workers and not because she didn’t harbor any feelings for him. This is responded to by Luke in a very stoic fashion and this shocks Jenna.

She had expected Luke to be a little more verbal. She had expected him to ask her to come back and since she didn’t want to break up herself, she was really hoping for that. However, Luke responds to her in a very stoic fashion and Jenna is left wondering about what went wrong, like it always happens in Awkward.

It was Luke who had made it possible for Jenna to get an internship over the summer at a website. It isn’t fair that Jenna will break up with him so that she could make things work out with her workplace colleagues. When there’s Jenna, there has to be cringe-worthy awkward moments. Fans will get to plenty of it as she tries to deal with grownup life in Awkward Season 5.

TV Fanatic has reported that Awkward Season 5 seems to have lost its charm. The show had separated Jenna and Matty to increase the drama, but it didn’t work out. There is something that’s not going right when the principal characters of the show are constantly forced to break up, when they work best together.

In fact, fans feel that the break up scene is completely out of character for Matty. The character was made to be malicious that isn’t at all what Matty has been portrayed to be in the past four seasons. On the other hand, fans feel that if Matty is expected to behave in this fashion from now on then it is better that Jenna isn’t with him anymore.

As Carter Matt pointed out, Jenna and Matty wanted very different things in life. They were also very different in their interests, while Jenna is literary and a little nerdy, Matty has always been the popular guy and he more often than not, didn’t care about a lot of Jenna’s interests.

While this seemed like a genuine reason for their break up, viewers feel that Awkward Season 5 could have dealt with the break up in a better way. The showrunner could have made it a little bit more clear that the break up happened because of the way the two had spoken to each other.

He did call some of her friends pretentious and she made it appear like she felt ashamed to be around him ever since he had been mopping about not being able to make it into the football squad at Berkeley’s.