Jenna Breaks Up With Luke To Concentrate On Work, Viewers Feel Awkward Season 5 Has Lost Its Charm!

Jenna transformed into a different person in college, something that she always wanted to do, back in Palos Hills High School. In college, Jenna had to fill in the void that her best friend Tamara’s left back and she found a great friend in Brita. The manner in which Matty behaved with Brita was completely uncalled for and fans have taken an instant dislike for him.

In Awkward Season 5, Tamara has found a new friend in Saddie. The former was having a hard time in New York City and she found Saddie who was going through the same. The two met at New York Boutique and while they were lighter in the pocket, they had found a true friend in each other.

The other thing that the last few episodes of Awkward Season 5 had focused on was that Jake and Lissa reconciled. Jake is back in Palos Hills and has gotten a job at the country club. He is trying very hard to turn his life around.

This reunion was given since viewers have always known that these two characters are made for each other. However, viewers would have loved to see a better reunion between the two.

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