Shemar Moore’s Spot to Be Temporarily Filled in by Paget Brewster in Criminal Minds Season 11, Frances Fisher Roped in for The Finale, More Details

The fans of Criminal Minds got a big blow in the last episode of Season 11 when Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) left the BAU. Moore said that his decision to leave the show was because he wanted to focus on his personal life and travel and do things at his own pace, which he couldn’t do with the work schedule.

Moore had initially felt Criminal Minds Season 11 will kill Derek Morgan off, but Erica Messer, the showrunner said that given the kind of popularity that the character had on the show, they will give him a hero’s goodbye and that is exactly what they did.

International Business Times reported that since Derek Morgan wasn’t killed off, there is always a chance that the character might be brought in for the later seasons of Criminal Minds.

With one man down, the BAU needs a new team-member, but Criminal Minds Season 11 will not see a new face joining the unit. The team members are still coping with the fact that Morgan has decided to leave them and they still feel that they will not be able to function without him.

Messer had revealed that the next season of Criminal Minds is going to see a new face joining in place of Derek Morgan since by that time the team would have coped with his departure and will be ready to accept a new person in his place.

Also, it has always been a practice of Criminal Minds to introduce a new face only in the season premiere since they want a fresh start for every character.

While Morgan will leave the BAU to focus on his fiancée and life, there will be another old face who will come in to work with the team for a case. The next episode of Criminal Minds Season 11 will see Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) coming in to help the team track down an UnSub who is an international criminal. There are rumors to suggest that the team decides to take her help when she becomes one of the victims of the UnSub in the American soil.

Emily Prentiss now works with the Interpol and she will join hands with FBI’s BAU after she gets a tip that the UnSub is going to head to Chicago. The series will be off on a hiatus for a short time until it comes back with fresh episodes on the 13th of April.

According to Vine Report, the official synopsis for the next episode is out and it says that the BAU is going to head out to look for an UnSub who is disfiguring his victims purposely. Agent Rossi is set to take the center-stage this episode with a reunion with his ex-wife, who had kept the fact that they have a daughter, hidden for over 30 years.

Every character of Criminal Minds has seen a few episodes where they enjoy the importance. It was Derek Morgan who enjoyed the focus in the previous few episodes and before that it was Reid who was in focus. Now it is the turn of Rossi to enjoy the limelight.

Things are getting interesting in Criminal Minds Season 11 and Erica Messer has revealed that there are a lot of plans that the showrunner has planned for the season finale. According to TV Line, the episode will bring in Frances Fisher, to play the role of Antonia Slade who was sent to custody by Jason Gideon (Mandy Patinkin) 15 years ago.