Emma Stone to Play the Titular Lead in Letters from Rosemary, Based On the Letters Written in Her Teen Years, More Details

Emma Stone is enjoying a brilliant phase in her career. She just completed work on La La Land with Ryan Gosling, which has already created an Oscar buzz and has been pushed for a release that is close to the awards night.

She is working on a biopic on the famous tennis star Billie Jean. Now with all these major films already in her kitty, the beautiful actress has also landed a role in Letters from Rosemary.

The film is going to be based on the life of Rose Marie Kennedy, the eldest sister of President John F. Kennedy. Variety has reported that Emma Stone will play the role of the titular lead. Rosemary had a life that was embroiled in controversy. She suffered from a mental disability and this was kept away from the public for a considerable amount of time.

It is known that because of Rosemary’s behavioral issues, she was made to undergo a prefrontal lobotomy by her father, Joseph Kennedy Sr. Instead of curing her of the illness, the operation made things worse. The operation was a complete failure and she was permanently incapacitated.

The  Kennedy family was always in the public in America. They were known to be overachievers. All the children born to Joseph Kennedy Sr. and his wife, Rose Fitzgerald were known for their achievements except Rosemary, who was the only one to be unsuccessful in life.

With her brother John F. Kennedy going on to become the President of America, the family did not want the public to find out what had happened to her. They informed the media and the family that she was by nature a reclusive person and preferred staying back at home and spending time teaching children with disabilities.

Rosemary, in reality, was forced to lead a life away from the public eye. She was enrolled in an asylum in Atkinson and died naturally in 2005.

Even though Rosemary was from such a well-known family, there is very little known about her life. In fact, as Guardian has reported, the material for the film Letters from Rosemary has been derived from the letters and correspondences she had as a teenager. These letters were all compiled and published by the former secretary to the Kennedys, Barbara Gibson.

The letters throw light on the personal life of Rosemary and show that she was like any other normal girl of her age, who loved to go for social events and enjoyed tea parties. She was only 23 years old when she was operated. The procedure had been performed only 100 times when she was operated and she was left without the ability to walk or talk.

Letters from Rosemary will show the moments that led to her lobotomy and the result of the operation and how it subsequently affected the whole Kennedy clan. The script is being written by first-timer Nick Yarborough.

There are rumors that the film will also show how Rosemary’s condition inspired her sister, Eunice to start Camp Shriver that went on to become what we today call Special Olympics.

It is believed that Emma Stone is perfect for the role. She has played a lot of dramatic roles in her career and shines in them. Emma Stone was drawn to the script the moment she had heard it and expressed her keen interest in Letters from Rosemary.