Leaked Photos of Apple iPhone 7 Released, Expect Better Screen Resolution, Apple Already Planning iPhone 7S, More Details

Apple has started planning for the update of Apple iPhone 7 already. There is still no clarity about whether Apple is going to call the new phone, Apple iPhone 7s or whether they will call it Apple iPhone 8.

However, the very fact that Apple is focusing on the update for its 2017 release makes it clear to the Apple aficionados that the Apple iPhone 7 is going to be a minor update of the currently available Apple iPhone 6s.

It has been reported that the Apple iPhone 7 is going to be way slimmer than the 6s and will make do without the antenna band. Fans are hoping that the Apple iPhone 7 gets an update in its display since both the 6s and 6s Plus need to see some improvement in that area.

It is believed that Apple iPhone 7 will get an OLED display, which will be a huge leap forward. Even if Apple goes with the usual LCD screen, they are going to make some major improvements in their next update since the fans have been very vocal about it.

With the improvement in the screen, Apple iPhone 7 is going to enjoy a wider color range with vivid colors for the screen that has been missing from Apple iPhones since the initial days. With more vivid colors, Apple is also going to use True Tone technology that will make the images on the screen look natural in all types of light.

The display resolution for Apple iPhone 7 is also going to be improved. With 1704-by-904 display, Apple iPhone 7 is going to have greater sharpness. Users can also see improvements in the contrast ratio and the reflectance in low screen light.

These few improvements that are being expected in Apple iPhone 7 has already been made in iPad Pro. Since the iPhone is a more marketable product that the iPad Pro, users have been hoping that Apple will incorporate them in the next model of iPhones.

The Apple iPhone 7 users will also be provided with a better Touch ID where things work faster than they did in the 6s and 6s Plus. The iPhone 7 is also likely to get a major improvement when it comes to the camera. There are rumors that state that the camera holes in the Apple iPhone 7 will be bigger than the one that users have seen in iPhone 6 and 6s.

When it comes to the operating system as well, the iPhone 7 will have a faster processor. It is likely to get the A10 and there will be significant changes in the memory of the phone as well.

There are other additional features like the removable earphone jack and the dual camera set up in the back are still not confirmed. There are, however, reports to state that the waterproof feature for the iPhone will not be introduced with the iPhone 7.

Phonearena has reported that there are leaked photos of what is being claimed as the Apple iPhone 7. While there is a huge possibility that the photo is a fake, there is always the doubt that it might turn out to be the actual iPhone 7. The photo shows a change in the design with edge to edge display.

Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst for Apple from KGI Securities has stated that the Apple iPhone 7 is going to be out by the end of this year and that Apple is already working on the updates for the same model. Kuo has also revealed that the iPhone 7 will come with an AMOLED screen and will have a rear cover that will have a glass finish, a feature that had been introduced with the iPhone 4.