Leaked Photos of Apple iPhone 7 Released, Expect Better Screen Resolution, Apple Already Planning iPhone 7S, More Details

Analysts have come out to state that Apple will go for a curve display like the ones that are used by Samsung. This feature is likely to be seen in the upcoming iPhone 7. The main reason for going for the curved screen panel is that it reduces distortions on the edge and provides a seamless panoramic view.

There are many consumers who are unsure about which Apple iPhone to buy. It has been six months since the iPhone 6s was launched and it is almost time for the iPhone 7 to come into the picture. Now with the launch of the iPhone 5 SE, they are even more confused about what to do.

Experts are advising that if consumers want a smaller phone then they should go for the iPhone 5SE since it is only 4-inches. The new model from Apple is also cheaper and is likely to be available throughout 2016. Those who want to buy one with a larger screen with a better display, should wait for the Apple iPhone 7.

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