HBO Showrunners Assure Fans That Season 6 Is Going To Be Different From Winds Of Winter, Novel To Throw Light On Jon Snow’s Mother, And More

There is a lot of interest on finding out when Winds of Winter is going to be released, but fans should know that the novel still isn’t ready. HBO might be releasing the sixth season of Game of Thrones within one year of the fifth season, but George R. R. Martin has been working on the sixth novel of A Song of Ice and Fire series for over five years now and fans are running out of patience.

The initial problem started when fans came to know that HBO will have to start working on their script for Season of Game of Thrones without any storyline since Martin couldn’t give them a story to work on. The fans felt that HBO going ahead with their own story will ruin the end of the series that the fans have following for so many years.

Martin has initially been skeptical HBO moving ahead with Season 6. He had felt that the story would be ruined since the fans will already know what’s in store before Winds of Winter is published.

The sale of his books had gone up thanks to HBO’s Game of Thrones, Martin thought that Game of Thrones Season 6 will pull down the sale of Winds of Winter since fans would find out the details of the plot after having waited for so long without even reading the book.

However, fans need not fret since David Benioff and D. B Weiss have come out to reveal that Season 6 of Game of Thrones is going to be completely different from what George R. R. Martin has planned for Winds of Winter. Game of Thrones has previously been different from the main novel even when they had a story to fall back on and now with nothing to fall back on they are surely going to diverge from the main plot.

Benioff have come to tell fans that they should be happy that HBO and Martin are working separately for the plot now since this will give the fans with two different stories to pick from. They can either go for the ending that Martin has chosen or the one that HBO has. HBO is working on the plot based on what Martin has told them is his vision for the final story arc.

Inquisitr reported that HBO has been aware of the fact that they would outpace the rate of at which the books have been written and then they will have to carry forward the story on their own. The showrunners have informed the fans that Season 6 is going to be a very exciting season and they have confidently said that there isn’t going to be any episode where the expectations of the fans aren’t going to be met.

George R. R. Martin has come out to convince the readers that Season 6 isn’t going to spoil Winds of Winter for them. He said that the story arc is going to be different. Some of the basic storylines is different in the television series and the novel.

Fans are waiting to find out what’s in store for Jon Snow. While HBO has confirmed that Jon Snow is going to be dead, Martin has hinted that Jon Snow is going to survive the brutal attack on him.

Fans had initially hoped that Jon Snow would be resurrected from the death by Melisandre. However, Carice van Houten has herself come out to deny the rumors. She said that she doesn’t understand where there’s so much pressure on her character. She also denied the fact that Melisandre could resurrect people from the dead.