GTA 6 to Feature Additional Flying Missions, Gamers Prepare a List of Things They Wish to See Introduced or Improved, More Details

GTA 5 was a major success and gamers are already making a list of the things they wish to see in the upcoming GTA installment, GTA 6. We have heard a lot of rumors regarding this upcoming title.

These rumors involve its release date, its features, and various extra facilities for the protagonists, gender of protagonists and much more. No video game forum is actually complete without a discussion on Rockstar upcoming installments.

People are simply craving for a new Grand Theft Auto game and that’s it. GTA has been exciting property and it will continue to do so. You will see a lot of gameplay and Let’s Play videos in YouTube featuring various new mods for ramps, jumps and much more.

All of it keeps the title fresh and interesting while gamers keep pining for a new installment from Rockstar. All I can tell you is, it’s still far away.

One of the first things that gamers would love to do is play as a cop. There are various side missions in Grand Theft Auto like playing as a vigilante police officer, picking up fares in a taxi along with helping unfortunate folks reach the hospital in an ambulance. Most of these tasks feel like mini-games and nothing more. However, it is expected that things will change radically in GTA VI.

Rockstar should enable players to purchase a plot of land and build an entire house right from scratch. This would entirely open up the game.

There were elements that explored real estate and building up business in Vice City Stories and with the application of current-generation technology, things could look much more enriched in the upcoming installment. Playing with the location’s look and architecture is certainly a fancy wish and looking at Fallout 4 for inspiration should be the way to go for Rockstar developers.

GTA VI is all about crime and players should be able to break into random houses and loot them in the game itself. At the same time, it would be unrealistic to expect that Rockstar will make all the stuff in the game interactive but it could be done to a certain extent.

Till now, gamers have always been able to hold up certain shops and some games have also featured burglary missions. However, it never really felt enough and this aspect of GTA needs to be properly expanded in the upcoming installment.

For a long time, people have expected Rockstar to return to its roots, that being said, gamers have expressed their interest in a Vice-City environment of the 80s. Vice City is one of the best and most-loved games in the GTA franchise and if this location is created innovatively with modern technology, things could get pretty interesting.

There is no doubt that fans would be highly intrigued to head back into a hedonistic decade and figure out what can be achieved from it at the moment. As far as Tony Vercetti is concerned, the timeline in such a game could before or after him.

Meanwhile, gamers are also expecting the online experience to be further expanded. GTA Online had varying levels of success over the last few years but it began with a mighty bit of stuttering. The service and idea of playing GTA with other players online is simply exciting but there are people who don’t see it as an important part of the game.

Therefore, Rockstar should definitely enhance the online portion of the gameplay in GTA 6. In fairness to developers, they do recognize the great potential behind online gameplay in today’s market and in the future, they should try and tie the experience in a much better manner.