Eva Mendes Talks About Her Style, Says Wearing Earrings Have Become Difficult, Set To Star In Fast And Furious 8!

Eva Mendes is known for her flawless skin and amazing style. The actor, designer and now mother to a year old daughter recently spoke up about her style and said that she realized what her style was when she was in her 30s.

She agreed that she had been completely clueless about it prior to that since she was too conscious of her body and places too much emphasis on what other’s would think instead of trying to go with what she felt was looking good on her.

While sitting for an interview with Glamour magazine, the beautiful actress revealed that it was only later in life that she went ahead with fitted dresses that flattered her body. Mendes revealed that she was going through a testing period all of her 20s and it was only when she reached her 30s that she realized what makes her feel and look good at the same time and had enough sense to continue following it.

Xposé reported that Eva Mendes preferred clothes that are fitted around the waist and also reported that she doesn’t like tugging on to her clothes to make sure that they are in their proper places while getting off the car. She added that even though a high neckline can appear to look conservative, it is sometime more practical and comfortable.

Eva Mendes has a baby to deal with and she said that her dressing style has changed since Esmeralda came into her life. Now with a child to look after, she doesn’t have the time to coordinate her outfit and her accessories and usually opens her cupboard and picks clothes that are comfortable. She said that wearing earrings has become difficult now since Esmeralda loves pulling them with her fingers.

Mendes is a designer now and when asked which old style she would like to bring back in fashion, she said that it should be the choker since it is such an amazing accessory. Eva Mendes had tried to bring back the choker into the world of fashion with her collection for New York & Company, but the time wasn’t right for the choker to be back.

Mendes has taken a break from serious acting and is enjoying time as a designer and bring up her daughter with Ryan Gosling. She had started her career in the film Training Days where she shown in a role opposite Denzel Washington. Mendes has a degree in marketing, but took lessons from an acting coach to make her mark in the industry.

She went on to star in several big movies and became the face for the cosmetic brand, Revlon. This started her foray into commercials and endorsement and she was soon signed up by Calvin Klein, Magnum, Reebok and even Pantene.

With time she started designing things and created her own line. In 2012 her life changed when she met Ryan Gosling while shooting for Place Beyond the Pines.

The two had been inseparable since then and Ryan Gosling recently celebrated her 42nd birthday by whisking her away from a vacation to the Palm Springs.

Gosling rented out the home of Frank Sinatra and spent four days there with Eva Mendes and their daughter Esmeralda. Unlike last year when the actor had thrown a party at a skating rink of his partner, this time he decided to keep things mellow and intimate.