Eve Thinks Renard Is Being Controlled, Wesen Creates Beauty Cream by Sucking Out the Life Force from Grimms, Victims Age Before Dying, And More

The latest Skin Deep episode of Grimm is one of the most exciting one that viewers have in Season 5. The viewers see Nick (David Giuntoli) sharing an adorable moment with Kelly, his daughter. Nick tries to make Kelly say daddy, mommy and Grimm. Adalind (Claire Coffee) says that Kelly is too young to articulate the last word.

That is when the phone rings, Nick asks Adalind to answer his phone and it turns out to be Eve (Bitsie Tulloch) who calls up. This is the first time that Eve and Adalind has come face to face, even if it was via the phone.

The moment is a very awkward one where Eve asks Adalind how she was doing. Adalind finds Eve’s tone very disturbing. Eve hadn’t called to chit-chat with Nick. She had called to give him some information on Renard.

She feels that Renard is being used by a superior force. The viewers know that Eve is correct in her judgment as there is a mystery over the identity of the real person who is controlling Renard.

International Business Times reports that Eve is still in possession of the magic hat that had allowed Adalind to change into Juliette. Eve uses the hat and is able to reach out to people who are trying to control Renard. Episode 15 of Grimm Season 5 ends with Eve successfully cloning herself into Renard. Viewers will now have to wait and watch what happens next.

Eve had told Nick that she thinks Renard is going to run for Mayor and before that happens, Nick and team will have to find out who is it that is controlling him. However, Nick cannot make a move, since if he does, whoever it is that is controlling Renard, will find out that Nick is on to them and they will become cautious. This in turn will make it difficult to trace them.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Eve also tells Nick that she had made a discovery about Dixon’s assassination. She informs Nick about Marwan and that he was ID’d. Eve had purposely injured him so that she could get the contacts from his phone while he was hospitalized. She informs Nick about Renard getting a call about Marwan, which could mean that he is being used.

While this is happening, Summer heads to Malcolm’s (Jonathan Patrick Moore) studio. They go through a large number of costumes and get a lot of shots. However, Summer feels blinded from the flash and Malcolm pours some water for her.

Malcolm tells Summer that he thinks that she is a natural and shows her some of the photos that he had clicked. After some more shots, she feels sick and asks to sit down.

Summer passes out on the chair. Malcolm calls out to her and when she doesn’t respond, he slathers something generously on her face.

Malcolm then wakes Summer up and says she had dozed off. He shows her the photos and says that she is going to be a supermodel. Summer leaves while complaining about a wrinkle on her face.

Summer notices that her skin has been acting weirdly. She stares at the mirror and notices it. She dabs some moisturizer, but nothing helps. She tries to contact someone, but is unable to even reach her phone. In the meantime, Malcom goes to Dr. Forbes (Patrick Fabian) with a jar and the latter hands him cash for it.